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Stratagy Flash

The Stratagy Flash is the best standalone voice messaging system for small businesses offered by Toshiba. The Stratagy Flash features 2-4 ports for expansion when needed, as well as a built-in CompactFlash® memory for data integrity and consistency.

Easy to install and cost-effective, the Stratagy Flash offers what you need when you need it. For more information about the Stratagy Flash look at the system features & benefits below or simply call ICS at 1-866-427-4722.

System Features

  • Compact, standalone voice processing
  • 2-4 ports
  • CompactFlash┬« memory
  • Automated attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Call routing
  • Call recording

Business Benefits

  • Automated Attendant enables callers to route their own calls and leave messages without receptionist assistance.
  • Automated Attendant handles the call according to the employee's specific mailbox configuration - such as offering the ability to dial another extension.
  • Employees can program the system to screen calls or execute an IVR application.
  • The system can detect fax tones and transfer those calls to specified fax machines.

Call Routing Benefits

  • Calls are automatically routed according to a caller's extension or department preference.
  • A company directory feature makes it easy to locate names and extensions.
  • Unanswered or busy calls can be automatically routed to another extension or an operator.
  • Callers have the option of holding, hanging up, or leaving a message.

Call Recording Features

  • Store any conversation in your voicemail box for easy retrieval or review.
  • Pause and restart functions give you the power to listen on your terms and at your pace.