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Advantages of Managed IT Services in San Antonio

What to Expect From Managed Services

IT services in San Antonio come in all shapes and sizes, but there are several advantages you should expect to see from whichever IT solution you ultimately choose. These include:

  • IT costs that are controlled
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • An increased knowledge base
  • Data security increases
  • Downtime reduction
  • The ability to plan for IT transitions in advance

Costs and Labor

Without managed IT, you're likely only going to work with exterior tech agencies when something breaks. Then you're going to have to work with vendors and the fixes that are brought to bear might not be requisite to your operations. This will increase labor costs, because your whole system slows down. It's one thing if you've only got 10 employees dependent on it. If you've got a hundred, then a lag of five minutes per employee per hour in an eight hour day is over 66 hours' lost production, and over 333 lost hours by the end of the month. Meanwhile, the right kind of IT solutions company can continuously and proactively monitor your operations to ensure everything is working as it should. They can catch problems before they start and securely protect systems from penetration.

Increased Knowledge and Security

You're going to have an increase in knowledge with a managed services solution because the professionals at the outsourced IT company regularly deal with diverse organizations. IT services providers in San Antonio will work with businesses in manufacturing, law, education, entertainment, sales, innovation, and anything else you can think of. They can bring more professionalism to bear on your specific issues, using knowledge which can be acquired no other way to help you avoid pitfalls.

With many outsourced agencies, you can expect increases in data security, because this is also a complimentary function of the services as a whole. When systems are continuously monitored, the ebb and flow of data can be watched for abnormalities, curtailing hackers.

Downtime Reduction and Advanced Planning

Downtime will be curtailed when problems are caught before they start. Additionally, with cloud computing services providing BDR solutions, you can have your systems back online in minutes rather than hours--- which can be a game-changer ultimately saving your business.

In the same vein, you're able to plan for service upgrades in advance with greater clarity, accuracy, and effectiveness through an agency that manages IT professionally. Your internal guys may be alright, but they likely haven't done big upgrades often; so they likely won't be as efficient or have the ability to foresee certain common errors.

A Local Solution

IT services in San Antonio through ICS include provisions like:

  • PC, Blackberry, smartphone, and server management, monitoring, and remote support
  • Help desk support that's unlimited Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm
  • As much as 2 hours' engineering support monthly, on-site
  • Tracking of assets in real time, network documentation
  • Ordering and management of warranty parts and license updates
  • Annual CTO sessions, reviews semi-annually conducted, monthly reports

...and much more. Through ICS, you can be assured your systems will operate at their peak operational parameters cost-effectively and reliably. Additionally, you'll get assistance upgrading when you need it, access to professionals via help desk, and reports to help get your head around your system's functionality. Contact us for cost-saving tech solutions.

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