•   Jason Simons
  •   Apr 28, 2020

Stay Safe From COVID-19 With The Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System

Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System

It’s never been more important to limit the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 – did you know you can use AI-powered cameras to track body temperature?

Tracking body temperature is one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of an infectious disease that presents with a fever as one of its symptoms. That includes COVID-19.

In the absence of widely-available and quick-turnaround tests, organizations around the world have turned to thermal testing solutions to identify potentially infected people. From wearable thermal imaging goggles to infrared thermometers, these tools have helped to prevent potentially contagious people from entering vulnerable locations.

COVID 19 Temperature Cameras In Houston


Do You Need A Body Temperature Measurement System?

At some point, you’re going to reopen your place of business. Whenever that may be, you would likely benefit from having a way to prevent contagious people from entering your premises and putting your staff and other contacts at risk.

The good news is that thermal imaging technology is not limited to governments and global organizations – with the Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System, you can identify people with dangerous fevers and mitigate the risk they pose to your place of business. This system is ideal for a range of public environments where large crowds are likely to gather, including schools, airports, public transit, hospitals, customs, office buildings, retail and more.

Features include:

  • Up to 16 temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a range of 3-5 meters
  • Accuracy of within .3°C
  • All-weather real-time monitoring

If you don’t have the luxury of closing your physical location for the duration of the pandemic, or are looking for an extra level of protection for when you do re-open, this solution will help you mitigate risks posed to your staff and clients. ICS is available to help you determine how the Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System can be integrated into your organization’s premises.