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Does Your IT Support Provider in San Antonio Offer HaaS?

The speed at which technology evolves can catch some small to medium businesses off-guard. As their instinct is to dodge the costs of adpoting the latest technology, this eventually leads to a system of out-of-date hardware and software.

Executives who believe that not upgrading is saving their company money are misguided, because of some very nasty unintended consequences, which can include:

  • Antiquated hardware leads to increased IT support costs
  • Older, slower hardware can lead to lower productivity, and even downtime when hardware fails
  • Older, unsupported software will eventually lead to security problems, possibly including virus and ransomware attacks.
  • Eventually, when you are forced to upgrade all of this, you will be faced with budget-busting upgrade costs!
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The Benefits of Hiring IT Support in San Antonio for Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) Businesses

Companies of all sizes use IT support in San Antonio to help meet their everyday business needs. As you may know, the IT world is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with an ever-changing technical environment. Fortunately, the use of hardware-as-a-service will enable you to take advantage of the latest technology without having to purchase new upgrades, continually. The hardware-as-a-service model works great for a wide variety of companies because it allows you to lease computer equipment without the extra hassle of buying hardware on your own. In other words, your business will get to use the latest technology at a low fixed monthly cost. Besides the use of state of the art technology, maintenance, and around the clock monitoring is also included in the monthly fee. Here are just a few benefits of using this business model to meet all of your technical needs.

Improve Scalability

Are you looking for new ways to expand without being limited to the size of your hard drive or servers? The use of hardware-as-a-service will enable your company to grow at your own rate. Whenever you need to expand the computer systems can easily be upgraded to meet all of your needs. Instead of being limited by technology, the use of a managed service provider will provide you the flexibility needed in today’s business world.

Around The Clock Technical Support

Businesses in need of IT support in the San Antonio area must consider choosing a managed service provider that offers 24-hour technical support. As you know, technical problems can arise at any moment and it is essential to receive assistance as quickly as possible. The use of a managed service provider will allow you to receive help at any time of the day; whether it is in the afternoon or the middle of the night. Besides 24-hour assistance, you will also routinely receive security patches and updates that will keep you protected at all times.

Low Fixed Costs

Businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase profits. Continually installing and buying new hardware can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, the use of HaaS will enable you to receive the latest equipment at a low fixed cost. Any additional replacements of hardware or software are all included in a monthly fee that will make it much easier to create a budget without any surprise or hidden costs.

The use of HaaS offers many benefits for companies in need of IT support in the San Antonio area. Whether you are a small company or large corporation, the use of an IT provider will enable you to receive the latest technical support at an affordable rate.

ICS is a managed service provider that was founded in 1981. Our primary goal at ICS is to help companies of all sizes reach their fullest potential through the use of technology. Our staff is trained to help guide you through any technical problems and help guide you through the complex IT world. Contact us today and begin experiencing the many benefits of partnering with an IT provider that cares about your employees and the future of your company.

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"Gordon was able to solve my issue and explained what was going on. His help was perfect. GENERAL COMMENTS (not related to this ticket) The office needs some help with changes. When can we schedule an office meeting to learn more about the email program and the Shared Folders for transaction management and the ICS icons on each of the computers.'
- Kay

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