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Mitel Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Mitel's solution for quality video conferencing is attained in the Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution (TCS). By connecting remote locations together the goal of TCS is to produce real-time experiences through file sharing and clear voice projection. TCS enables all users involved in the conference to share and edit documents, files and presentations.


  • Improves employee productivity within several locations
  • Enables communication between employees, customers and business partners
  • Life-size interaction through 1080p x 1920 high definition video and immersive, spatial wide-band audio
  • Instantly establish sessions at the touch of a button on a phone, or by a simple click of a mouse - it is as simple and natural as making a telephone call
  • Video streams are delivered over considerably lower bandwidths - considerably reducing network load and the costs
  • Employees, customers and partners can join video conferencing meetings right from their desktop
  • Decreases the need for business travel - reduced costs, a fast return on your investment and a reduced company carbon footprint
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