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IT services San AntonioSoftware as a Service (SaaS) offers a cost-effective alternative for delivering the solutions your company needs, and it is especially effective for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With that in mind, consider hiring an IT services provider in San Antonio that offers only the best Saas solution in town.

Here are 10 benefits your company will get by adopting SaaS from a reliable IT services provider in San Antonio:

  1. Affordability – This is the benefit that often starts an SMB to go down the path with SaaS. With this model, you purchase a subscription to use the software. It comes with upgrades, maintenance, and basic customer support. It is a month-to-month cost with no large licensing fees.
  2. Immediate Access to Software – With a browser and Internet connections, your employees can gain immediate access to the software. This can cut down the time it takes to switch to a new solution by weeks or even months.
  3. No Infrastructure Costs – You don’t need to buy new servers or network appliances just to deploy a new software solution. All of that is supplied with the monthly subscription cost.
  4. Up-to-Date Software – Your IT department doesn’t need to worry about deploying software updates or patches. All of that work is done seamlessly on the back end. When you log into the system, you automatically get all the latest patches and upgrades.
  5. World Class Availability – Because SaaS is delivered as a service, it comes with guaranteed availability. That way, your employees won’t lose productivity due to software outages.
  6. Backup and Data Recovery Included – With SaaS, you don’t have to worry about taking periodic backups of your data. All of that shifts to the provider to do. They deploy solutions which take automatic backups without you doing a thing.
  7. Work from Anywhere – If your company has employees who travel as part of their job or have some who work from home, the SaaS model is ideal. As long as they have a browser and an Internet connection, they can access the software from anywhere.
  8. Disaster Recovery – What happens if your business gets hit by a disaster? A fire or tornado can destroy your business in mere minutes. Coming back from such a disaster is much easier when your data is secured offsite with a SaaS provider.
  9. Easy to Adopt Solution – Your employees will adopt new solutions much easier when they are provided via browser. They are already familiar with the interface and will have few issues getting up to speed on how to operate the new software.
  10. Easy Scalability – Some businesses need more employees at certain times of the year. With SaaS, it is extremely easy to add additional personnel for the busy season. You just pay for a few more subscriptions. Then, when the season winds down, you go back to your normal level and the subscriptions go away.


The beauty of SaaS is that you can have every one of your employees up and running in a very short period of time. That means your downtime is minimal and your productivity will be back up in no time. If you are ready to try SaaS, give us a call at ICS today. We offer IT services in San Antonio that will help your business reach new heights.