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Cloud Solutions
Cloud Hosting
Our IT services, for Houston, San Antonio or Austin businesses, include cloud hosting. We have a team of seasoned cloud professionals dedicated to managing your cloud hosting operations. Learn how our cloud solutions can benefit your business.
Managed IT Support
Managed IT Services
Our IT services department consists of skilled IT support engineers dedicated to managing the on-premises operations of your Houston, San Antonio or Austin business. Learn how this service can benefit your business.
Voice Data Cabling
Voice & Data Cabling
We offer full service cabling sales, installation and service for all voice and data cabled networks, including Category 3, 5e, 6 and Fiber Optics. Learn more about our professional cabling services.
VOIP Solutions
VOIP Solutions
Our VoIP solutions not only help you save money, they help you increase productivity and communication with your entire organization. Find out how your business can benefit from VoIP.
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Our drive for great service is the reason our customers keep coming back. We care what our customers think of us. LEAVE A REVIEW

First, I think the world of Mike George, he's phenomenal, makes me want to refer people I don't even know, and I'm looking forward to doing that! Then, Cam and Pablo hit the scene and took things out of my hands and made life so much easier. The flawless install didn't hurt either. You seriously have rock stars everywhere. You need to know that what really stood out about all three of them, was the delicate balance they achieved between being 100% accessible and immediately responsive, and yet never once intrusive or distracting in this entire process. And I never heard "we can't." It's rare after all these years of working with various vendors for me to say "I've never had an experience like this..." but I've never had an experience like this.
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NPS Score

Our drive for great customer service is the reason our customers keep coming back. We care what our customers think of us.


Since 1981, ICS has built a team of professional voice and data specialists dedicated to the highest levels of customer support. ICS's pattern of steady growth reflects their commitment to keeping pace with the constantly evolving telecommunications technology arena, and the dramatic expansion of the South Texas business market. With offices in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley, ICS is uniquely positioned to respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of customer equipment and service requirements.

ICS has to partnered with Love146 to end child trafficking. For over 12 years, Love146 has been helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective and thoughtful solutions. LEARN MORE

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