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Business Phone Systems In Austin, Houston and San Antonio: Improve Inbound/Outbound Calls

A business phone system is one of the most important tools in any company or organization in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Reliable communication is a lifeline to maintain efficient operations and avoid costly complications.

Whether you need new business phone systems, business telephones, or video conferencing solutions, ICS offers the full-spectrum of Telephony and Communications Solutions you need to stay connected.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Solutions to increase Productivity, Efficiency & Save You Money

Business Telephones

Business phone systems are no longer just telephones sitting on desks. Through Hybrid and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies, your phones now allow you to operate more efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to lower your costs – in some cases by 50%.

As the world transitions from copper to fiber and beyond, many businesses in Texas are opting to take advantage of increased capacity to replace their aging in-house PBX (private branch exchange) with a new cloud-based phone system where the only hardware onsite are the phones themselves.

Being, one of the leading business phone service providers, we make sure that phones are a more sophisticated commercial version of consumer VoIP. They offer the benefit of hosted PBX capabilities with conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold, automated attendants, and much more.

Call Recording Services

With our Call Recording Services, you can unlock the full potential of your customer experience. You’ll gain valuable insights into every interaction with solutions like call center recording.

You can quickly capture, archive, organize, playback, and share voice documentation for valuable insight. With quick access recordings, you can resolve customer disputes and optimize best practices. And you’ll be able to instantaneously review call handling performance and uncover coaching needs for your call center employees.

Unified Communications

A Unified Communications platform can transform the way you do business. It’s a collection of solutions to ensure that all your communication technology works together, smoothly and securely. And it provides real-time collaboration.

Unified Communications offers features that any business can enjoy, and we’ll ensure that you receive their full benefits. Through comprehensive integration and IT services, we can ensure that your unified communications system is fully integrated with your technology and that your staff is comfortable with its use.

Video Conferencing Solutions

With the fast developments in technology and the Internet, the way businesses communicate has changed.  For small and medium-sized business, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition with enhanced collaboration between your departments and branches, and with seamless communications among partners, investors, and customers.

Video Conferencing provides face-to-face communication beyond the office and conference rooms.  It will help you boost collaboration and productivity.

Plus, you can save money. The costs of traveling to meetings for face-to-face communications add up quickly.  You have the costs of transportation, accommodations, meeting rooms, meals, time costs away from the office, and more. With ICS’s Video Conferencing, you can benefit from multi-party collaboration from any device and in any location.

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Whether your business is seeking to expand an existing phone system or install an entirely new system, ICS is experienced in developing and implementing the right option for your unique needs, while ensuring our high quality of customer care.