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What Industry Do You Serve?

No Matter – We Provide The IT Support You Need To Succeed

Depending on the industry you serve, you need an IT service company that understands your operations, processes and customer demands.  We serve all industries here at ICS. However, we specialize in IT Service & Support for the following:

Local Businesses

When it comes to IT service and support, your business in San Antonio, Houston or Austin has its own unique demands. These may differ depending on the industry that you serve, the number of clients and locations you have, whether your staff works remotely, and a variety of other factors. But, no matter how you differ from other local businesses, you need a local IT service company that’s always ready and close by to meet your needs.

Whether its support for just a few computers or your multi-site business with a data center and complex IT needs, we’ll be like your outsourced IT department; focused on your unique requirements. With ICS, you’ll have a full-service IT company that offers turn-key solutions, from PCs and servers to comprehensive data security, and backup and disaster recovery services. Everything that will keep your technology running at peak performance and your local business operational.

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 Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry in Texas is going through many changes regarding technology. The deployment of advanced technologies is playing an ever-advancing role in enabling companies to maximize recoveries and profits.

To ensure your technology runs at peak performance, you need an IT support company that specializes in services for the Oil & Gas Industry.  When you rely on ICS you’ll benefit from:

  • Reliable technologies, whether you’re in the field or your home office.
  • Secure communications using mobile computing and smart devices.
  • The ability to securely transfer Big Data from the field to your office, or client locations.
  • Improved ROI on your technology investments.
  • Cloud Solutions that provide the flexibility you need to scale up or down quickly and to prevent wasting money on hardware or software that you don’t need.

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Law Firms

You can get the most from your technology when you have service and support from an IT provider who is familiar with the software applications that you use. Our techs can help with your billing systems, document management, or the legal software applications that you use like PCLaw, Clio and Worldox.

We’ll help you streamline operations, save time, and increase productivity. We’ll also make sure your confidential information is well-protected with secure cloud solutions, enterprise-based backups, data encryption, and a layered technology defense that keeps the hackers out.

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 Medical & HIPAA

Like the specialists doctors refer patients to, and the tests that they order to see what’s happening under a patient’s skin, your technology must be evaluated by someone with the proper skills and experience who must look deep into your network to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Plus one that knows the ins and outs when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA compliance was designed to be flexible enough to apply to healthcare organizations of all kinds and sizes. Some HIPAA Security Rule requirements are Required, and others are AddressableAddressable specifications are sometimes confused as being optional, which is not true.

Our advice is that if you want to achieve HIPAA Compliance, you must assume that everything in the Security Rule is required. And you should set a very high bar if you decide not to implement an Addressable item.

ICS has experience in HIPAA Compliance. We can help you evaluate your network and ensure that it complies with HIPAA. When it comes to surviving a HIPAA audit or data breach investigation, you’ll have the IT professional services that you need.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Sometimes technology is an afterthought for nonprofit organizations. Typically when this happens, IT investments don’t deliver the required results and end up “sitting on the shelf.”  You can’t afford to waste money on technology that doesn’t perform. How can you justify this to your board of directors?

Strategically selected digital tools empower staff and stakeholders to effectively deliver on organizational missions.  When you look at technology as a strategic investment and implement and maintain it in a proactive rather than a reactive way, it will be the tool you need to accomplish your mission.

Ask us about customized, industry-specific cloud solutions for nonprofits that can help you remove data silos, optimize your resources, and improve operations and efficiencies.

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Heavy Machinery

The Heavy Machinery industry is now a prime target for cybercriminals.  Many heavy machinery companies don’t realize this and haven’t taken the security measures to keep their data secure.  You are storing data that’s of interest to hackers. And now that other businesses like banks and healthcare institutions have bolstered their cyber defenses, manufacturing companies are becoming victimized by cybercriminals.

We’ll work with your leadership and staff to ensure you comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s “Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile.”  We’ll:

  1. Identify – Develop the organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, data, and capabilities.
  2. Protect – Develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure services.
  3. Detect – Develop and implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event.
  4. Respond – Develop and implement the appropriate activities to take action regarding a detected cybersecurity event.

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Managed IT Services provides a highly reliable and flexible solution that can grow as your association does.  You can easily add services as you need them, as well as software and hardware for new projects and the additional employees you hire.

Your IT services can be customized to include things like cloud hosting, VoIP business phones, collaborative software like Microsoft Office 365 and other capabilities that associations benefit from. And, you can expand your IT infrastructure quickly as you increase your membership and outreach.

Plus, just like you’ve developed a 3-year business plan for your association, you need a strategic IT plan for today and tomorrow.  We can help you design a plan to make the most of your technology budget and advise you as new technologies emerge. And you can take advantage of our CIO services without hiring one.

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Country Clubs

Is your country club’s phone system up to par? Are you still using old phones that could be costing you members?  This can happen if voicemails can’t be retrieved.  One club with 5 locations was having this issue until we stepped in to help.

For them, we chose Mitel Business Communication Solutions because it was the best system to meet their needs. It’s a high-quality, cost-effective business communication solution that utilizes unified communications to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

The result?

  • They saved money,
  • Increased their mobility,
  • Boosted their productivity,
  • Never lost a member (only added them!)

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ICS serves all these industries and more. We’ll be your IT Specialist in every sense of the word. To find out for yourself, contact us in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. Our success is dependent on our clients’ success, and yours.