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Looking for IT Services & Support for Country Clubs That Will Boost Revenue & Customer Retention?

If your country club is to be popular, then it’s fundamental to ensure members and guests always feel welcome and comfortable. They expect a higher level of service and you should strive to provide that. But your guests also want to feel safe and secure.

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Do Your Guests Feel Safe, Secure, and Welcome At Your Country Club?

A lot can go into giving guests the best experience possible while making sure they are completely safe and their automobiles are secure. Unfortunately, parking lots at country clubs have become prime targets for thieves. That means you’ll need parking lot surveillance.

Though it’s important to have guards patrolling the premises, surveillance has proven its worth. Many homeowners are installing camera equipment on the interior and exterior of their homes and offices and this has shown to cut down on crime. So how much more will your country club members be expecting this?

Are Thieves Breaking Into Your Database?

But there are other dangers lurking within your technology. Hackers are finding new ways to break into country club databases and steal member information. As everyone knows, country club members typically have more to steal. They usually own businesses. They may have homes in several locations and multiple expensive automobiles. So cyber criminals consider these people to be prime targets for their hacking scams.

This is why it’s so important to keep your information systems secure by implementing managed technology solutions. You need layers of protection to guard your members’ personal information. Just one data breach could ruin your club’s reputation.

Country Clubs Now Experiencing More Data Breaches

The National Club Association reports that data breaches are happening more frequently at country clubs and the cost per incident is rising. At the moment, a breach will cost your club approximately $1.2 million. And it might take your club a while to recover from the loss of reputation.

The team of IT experts at ICS specializes in keeping your organization’s information systems safe, secure, and operating at peak performance. Here are a few ways that ICS can assist:

  • We help you select and implement an IP video surveillance solution to monitor activity and reduce the risks of crime, such as theft or break-ins while ensuring you’re able to keep your eye on the premises.
  • We provide reliable, secure Wi-Fi so your members can stay connected from any location or device.
  • We offer data storage and backup solutions to help you securely store, access, and safeguard relevant information.
  • We address your questions, concerns, and issues via web, phone, or email to help you work productively while eliminating disruption and downtime to ensure member satisfaction.
  • We offer network design and installation to help you implement a secure and reliable network for members while mitigating the risks of malware/virus infection or downtime.

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Your organization should be utilizing today’s best technology to improve member enjoyment & experience. But it must be safe, secure and offer your members peace of mind. This is the way to increase membership and improve profitability.

ICS specializes in providing IT service and support for country clubs that improve safety, enjoyment, and peace of mind. To learn more, give us a call at (281) 962-3058 or send us an email at sales@ics-com.net. ICS is the choice for country clubs in San Antonio, Houston and Austin.