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Deliver The Cutting Edge Space Your Guests Expect

The modern guest is one that expects convenience in every aspect of their time at your hotel—this includes the time they spend in your ballroom, conference rooms, and other event spaces.

They want a seamless experience that meets their expectations without them having to ask or give it a second thought.

Do you have the technology to meet this expectation? Allow us to help…

The Cutting Edge Space
Your Event Spaces

ICS Will Optimize Your Event Spaces

ICS has extensive expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining robust A/V systems for hotels and event spaces like yours. We can develop a seamless technology environment that makes video conferencing, presentation and entertainment a simple matter each and every time you need to host an event.

ICS Supports Your Preferred Solutions & Vendors

Microsoft Office Teams
middle atlantic products

Cutting Edge A/V Technology

Easy to use solutions

Easy to use solutions so anyone can easily use the system- even on their first time.

Comprehensive systems

Comprehensive systems including Wi-Fi, video-conferencing systems, lighting, remote shades, speakers, microphones, projectors, and flat-panel TVs.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration that ties all these technologies together with smart capabilities, allowing your staff and guests to control devices as needed from their preferred platform.

Allow your guests

Allow your guests to video conference, present vital information to coworkers and shareholders, share slideshows, and more.

conference room

Proactively monitored so you know it will be available when your guest needs it.


Deliver The Experience Your Guests Expect

The ICS team has the expertise you need to develop a world-class event space.

Our team has extensive experience designing robust technology systems that form the foundation of conference rooms, ballrooms, and more. We will help you achieve the facilities you want to provide for your guests.

Get in touch with our team today to get started.

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