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Do Managed IT Services Really Provide Value?

Our legal clients trust that we can help them excel through cost-effective, secure, and reliable technology. They trust us because:

  • We get to know their unique requirements

  • We learn what their IT obstacles are

  • Then help overcome them with the right services

These are some of the IT Services law firms depend on us for.

Managed IT Services For Law Firms

ICS’s Managed IT Services in  Houston, San Antonio, or Austin offer the ability to compete in the marketplace regardless of the size of your legal practice. For one fixed monthly fee, you can get access to top-notch hardware and software. Maintenance for your entire IT infrastructure is taken care of each month, and you never have to worry about your technology is out of date.

Your legal practice will also benefit from proactive IT services that help your staff store and access information securely and perform their day-to-day responsibilities without worrying about whether your technology will fail or fall into the hands of criminals.

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The Cloud For Your Legal Firm

Cloud technology can offer modern law firms a level of flexibility and efficiency that your current technology setup cannot match. The fact that the Cloud is a powerful tool for today’s legal professionals is not new information. As cloud technology has continued to evolve and gain traction in highly regulated industries and fields, the advantages available to law firms have increased as well. And when you think about how your firm operates, that makes a lot of sense.

Regardless of the area of law, your practice specializes in, your case data exists primarily, if not entirely, in digital formats. Case notes, discovery, depositions, client statements, and personal information, and even a large portion of evidence is generated and stored on your firm’s devices and servers.

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Does Our Law Firm Need Cloud Services?

Law firms throughout the U.S. are rapidly moving to the Cloud. That’s because it provides many benefits when used correctly. There are key benefits to using the right cloud services. The American Bar Association says that “lawyers and law firms see the Cloud as a fast and scalable way to use advanced legal technology tools without the need for a substantial upfront capital investment in hardware, software, and support services.”

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Security For Legal Firms

Cybersecurity has never been more important to law firms. After all, you deal with clients’ sensitive personal and financial information as well as details regarding their legal cases that those who mean them harm would love to know.

The problem is that most lawyers aren’t IT experts. Sure, you’re great in a courtroom or negotiating a settlement on behalf of your client, but few good attorneys have the expertise or the time and energy at the end of the day to make sure that their computer files are impervious to increasingly savvy cybercriminals.

That’s why using a knowledgeable IT services company like ICS is so important.

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Hosted VoIP For Your Law Firm

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It sends a signal over an internet infrastructure instead of using traditional telephone lines. With Hosted VoIP, the VoIP provider hosts your servers and services. The solution manages calls and routes them to and from your existing telephony system and equipment.

Your law firm needs the reassurance that your clients’ phone calls are being handled properly. When they call, you want them to know that you’re there for them 100% of the time. This is why legal practices today rely on the capabilities of a well-built Hosted VoIP Phone System.

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Backup and Document Management Systems

Data integrity and data retention are vital for successful law firms today. Due to the nature of litigation, you must keep your client files for a very long time. You must also ensure that they are always accessible, searchable and secure. This is why choosing the right Backup Solution and Document Management System are so important for firms like yours.

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Email Uptime

Email uptime is critical to law firms today. You depend on receiving time-sensitive information from the courts via email. If your email goes down or is inaccessible, you can miss extremely important deadlines. Thankfully there are solutions we can implement to prevent headaches from email downtime.

No matter what type of law you practice, with the right technology and an IT Service Provider like ICS who gets to know your firm and how to address your unique needs, you’ll be on the road to success.

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For a complete Managed IT Services suite that provides the value, consistency, and security that your business needs, contact ICS. We serve Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with best-in-class IT Solutions.