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Proactive Managed IT Services For Law Firms

Managed IT Services offer the ability to compete in the marketplace regardless of the size of your legal practice. For one fixed monthly fee, you can get access to top-notch hardware and software. Maintenance for your entire IT infrastructure is taken care of each month, and you never have to worry about if your technology is out of date.

Your practice will benefit from proactive IT services that help your staff store and access information securely and perform their day-to-day responsibilities without worrying about whether your technology will fail or fall into the hands of criminals.

What Do Managed IT Service Companies Do?

The right company will take the time to understand your firm’s unique business requirements. They’ll gain an understanding of your short- and long-term goals and design an IT infrastructure with solutions to help you manage your costs and improve productivity while saving you and your staff time.

They will also design an IT plan using up-to-date solutions to automate tasks and streamline your operations. Managed IT Services and solutions are based on improving your business processes so you can get more done with less.

How Will Our Law Practice Benefit From Managed IT Services?

In many ways – with:

  • Reduced hardware, software, service, and support costs.
  • Improved quality of service with less IT failures and increased productivity.
  • Ready access to the most current technology products and applications without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • The ability to stick to your IT budget with no expensive surprises.
  • Prevention of IT issues before they occur with proactive monitoring of your network.
  • Service and support from specialists who are trained on the latest servers, software, and networking equipment.
  • A service level agreement with clearly defined goals and review periods so you can grade your IT company on its performance.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring solutions that keep your staff from leaving with your confidential digital information.
  • A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan that ensures your data is always secure and accessible no matter the situation.
  • Remote access for the support you need with 24/7 help-desk hours.
  • IT Vulnerability Assessments that help you comply with legal regulations.
  • Security for your IT infrastructure using offsite physically protected and redundant data centers.
  • Email hosting services that encrypt your emails and keep them safe both in storage and in transit.
  • Secure Wi-Fi solutions to keep intruders off your network.
  • Much more.

How Do Managed IT Services Improve Data Security?

You need the assurance that your systems and data are safe from today’s ever-increasing cyber threats. The way to do this is with Proactive Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services use Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) that automatically and continually detect the performance of your technology and the security of your confidential digital information. This occurs behind the scenes and won’t disrupt your operations.

It also detects and remediates issues before they result in lost data or downtime, and in most instances before you or your staff even knows there’s an issue brewing.

Managed IT Services and Remote Monitoring & Maintenance also provide:

  • System usage and compliance with your policies and procedures.
  • Updated findings from critical IT activities.
  • Advice for IT security plans that align with your budget.
  • Regular reports on intrusions.

Bar Association regulators will see that your firm is complying with IT security best practices and that the right security tools are deployed to detect malware and criminal behavior.

With Managed IT Services, you’ll be armed with robust IT security to shield your legal practice from ethics violations caused by inappropriately protected client data.

What About The Cloud?

In today’s technology-driven world, cloud computing has dramatically enhanced how attorneys and their staff work together. There’s no need to worry that the Cloud isn’t safe. Cloud computing increases security as well as productivity.

  • The Cloud allows you to work on your own schedule, no matter the location or time of day.
  • It’s a more secure way to store your clients’ confidential information.
  • It can improve interaction with your clients with better collaboration and increased transparency.
  • For firms that have employees and clients in different locations, it allows everyone to access up-to-date documents from anywhere at any time, with real-time interaction.
  • Cloud solutions help small law firms that are resource-challenged. More products and software are moving to the Cloud, and opportunities to use these products are increasing. They save you money on software licensing costs. This helps small practices grow and compete with larger firms.
  • Cloud software and hardware solutions provide increased scalability. You pay per user so you can add or decrease services at any time.

Managed IT Services and cloud computing will provide the edge you need to grow your law practice and gain advantages that you never experienced before.

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