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Cybersecurity Services & Solutions In Houston

Discover how to drastically lower your risk of data loss, breaches, and ransomware attacks from ICS cybersecurity consultants.

With each passing year, cybercrime continues to escalate at an unprecedented rate. Your organization is at risk if it is operating without top-tier cybersecurity protection. Consider the facts and what you are up against:

  • Each day a cyberattack occurs every minute
  • Leaked employee passwords cause 86% of data breaches
  • Mobile malware is now commonly found on app stores
  • 95% of an organization’s folders are not adequately protected
  • The average length of time to detect a breach is 200 days

You can avoid these and other risks when you turn to ICS for professional cybersecurity consulting services in Houston. Contacting us for your security evaluation is your first step to keeping your organization safe from threats.

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Cybersecurity Consulting Houston

Very Professional and knowledgeable. The office in the Houston area is a warm and inviting environment. Glad I met you.

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Cybersecurity Solutions For Your Houston Business

Each perpetrator has their reasons for breaking into your network. It may be financial motivation, revenge, political activism, stealing trademarked secrets, or a prank. The list is long and once your files are in the cybercriminal’s hands, getting them back is almost impossible.

For that reason, the time to act is now! And remember, no two companies are alike, and thankfully, ICS in Houston knows this and will protect your organization’s data. To book a security review, click the button below.

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What Cybersecurity Solutions Does ICS Recommend?

There are cybersecurity steps you can take to reduce threats against your organization. Each step will strengthen different areas of your operation. ICS recommends these eight steps to protect your organization from cybercrime:

  • Utilize cloud-based software to detect threats before they reach your network
  • Install an enterprise-grade cloud-managed firewall
  • Run and manage enterprise-grade antivirus software on every machine
  • Follow network security best practices
  • Apply the latest patches and updates
  • Use multi-factor authentication when possible
  • Train your staff how to detect and respond to threats
  • Ensure you have proper off-site backups

For additional assistance, questions, or security concerns, contact us. We are ready to help you and provide a custom security solution based on your unique business needs.

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Cybersecurity Reviews in Houston

Brian and the team are SO helpful and pleasant, it’s always a positive experience getting help from ICS. Thank you!

Shannan D

Cybersecurity Solutions In Houston

Cybersecurity Consulting

When you partner with ICS cybersecurity consultants, you will hear these terms, Social Engineering, Malware, Ransomware, and how each plays a big part in cybertheft. You will also discover what Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Drive-by downloads mean and the hacker tools used:

  • Infected websites
  • Malicious advertisements
  • USB sticks and other portable devices
  • Unsupported browser extensions
  • Online quizzes and personality tests

The ICS cybersecurity review will quickly discover your network vulnerabilities and generate an easy to read report. More importantly, ICS will review the report with you and help you create a plan to better secure your network. Depending on budget and the security vulnerabilities, customers generally follow a 6 to 24-month remediation plan.

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