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Video Conferencing Solutions For Businesses & Organizations In Houston, San Antonio & Austin

Video conferencing has become a staple form of communication in offices around the world. This technology has made it easy to connect with colleagues, clients, and other professionals across any distance. There is a wide range of applications for video conferencing that can help your business grow and open new possibilities. ICS offers comprehensive video conferencing solutions, and we work closely with every client to ensure that we provide options that meet their unique business needs.

Below are a few options for our available types of video conferencing systems. As part of our comprehensive IT services, we strive to provide personalized solutions that are fully customized for each client. To discuss what video conferencing can do for your business, click here and contact ICS now.

Video Conferencing Options from ICS:

  • Conference Room

    Conference Room

  • Lecture Hall

    Lecture Hal

  • Private Office

    Private Office

  • On the Go

    On the Go

LifeSize Video Conferencing

In today’s fast-paced business environment, in-person meetings between those within your company or with distant clients may not always be possible. To provide a solution and allow you to still make a visual connection with clients, ICS offers the Lifesize 220 Series systems.

The Lifesize 220 Series product line incorporates peak performance high definition video conferencing at an affordable price, allowing your business to scale its communication needs while minimizing costs and lowering your company’s network demand. The Lifesize 220 Series delivers high definition video conferencing at bandwidths as low as 728 kbps with the ability to link up to four sites in lifelike picture-perfect video.

Why Choose ICS for Your Video Conferencing Needs?

Building lasting relationships is important to every team member at ICS. As a comprehensive IT company, we want to completely fulfill our clients’ needs and help them connect with their clients in a meaningful and beneficial way. Through carefully reviewing your unique business needs and potential benefits, we can develop solutions that are right for your business. To discuss the many options and potential of video conferencing, contact ICS today.