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All computers and phones in an office use a voice and data cables to communicate with either a server or a phone switch. Just like keeping up your computer you need to maintain your network and business phone system cabling. Companies for years have believed that they can just run wires where ever and when ever they want. This is called spider webbing. This is where there is no clear path where the wires can run free of electric lines and other pipes. In order to keep your cables clear and running good you need to have them away from electrical lines and “trucked” together. ICS can provide you with this service along with others.

With the newer standards for networking as well as for advanced managed IT services, companies will need to improve their wiring and standards for their office. In order to get the higher speeds that everyone wants. There is a company for those who are in the Texas area that specialize in running the cables in the walls and keeping their standards higher then the others.

ICS only uses CAT 5e or 6 wires to network with. Using these wires allow ICS’s customers to obtain higher speeds then most. In some cases it is necessary to remove all old wire and install new wire into the walls. This technique is called “fishing the wall”. This may be a little costly but will in the long run improve your network and internet speeds. Hiring a company like ICS will allow you to take your mind off of your wiring needs and focus on your business.

If you are interested in installing new cable in your office in Texas, ICS has several offices that can help you. Please feel free to learn more about Voice and Data Cabling in Texas by visiting the specific city pages below:

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