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Business Call Recording Systems

ICS offers comprehensive business call recording systems for businesses in the Houston area. Our recording systems provide both protection and accountability for your customers and your clients as they interact.

Regardless of what type of business you have, we can implement a fully-customized auto call recorder that provides clear communication between your call representatives and your customers.

Call Recording Systems Features & Upgrades

Whether you need a partial retrofit or a completely new upgrade, we have the technology that will help you with all your communication processes.

Modern automatic call recorders are now compact, user-friendly systems that function as a background device. Recording systems offer a wide range of features that gives users options for using the technology.

For instance, companies that must adhere to HIPAA regulations can use call recording systems to verify that their employees are staying within the regulations set by the organization. Call Recorders are useful when a company faces an audit or must provide proof of correspondence between a representative and a client.

Call Recording System Options

Trunk-Side Call Recording

Trunk-side call recording allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls without using an independent recording channel for each device. No matter how many phones you have, you can create as many channels as you need to handle incoming or outgoing calls. You can collect data including date, time, extension, agent ID, ANI/DNIS, or phone numbers.

Port-Based Call Recording

You can assign the system to record all incoming and outgoing calls from a particular handset or telephone. It allows you to isolate a caller or call station. Companies often used port-based call recording for training purposes.

Digital Handset Call Recording

If you want to isolate a call even further, then you can attach an individual unit directly to a handset and bypass the server. Digital handset call recording allows you to train an individual without running the risk of recording or saving a mistake made by a new employee.

IP Handset Call Recording

IP handset recorders can be set up for an individual user or distributed in a group and configured for centralized storage and management. You have almost endless options for a setup that allows you to record calls automatically or manually, store data on your local computer or network, or email all correspondence,

Radio Traffic Call Recording

Traffic call recording allows you to capture dispatcher screen that may include SMS messages, emailed video, or photos of accidents. You have the ability to search for recordings using ANI/ALI information. You can compile all related recordings and media into a single file.

What Are the Benefits of Call Recording Systems?

  • Rules-based recording. Create a wide range of rules such as extension number, caller ID received, number dialed, time of day, representative, or other factors. Options can even exclude any confidential conversations. You can also set up the system to automatically transmit copies of phone conversations according to their relevance or importance.
  • Improve customer service. Set up performance reviews and create custom report cards for customer service representatives by using the call recording software inside the call recording systems offered by ICS.
  • Improve employee training. Train and improve members of your staff by engaging in real calls with real customers. Use calls from exemplary employees as positive examples, and even provide warnings of situations to avoid.
  • Monitor employee quality. Use rule-based call recording to record the calls for specific employees from 10% of the time up to 100% of the time. Send calls to management to monitor the quality of those calls.
  • Dispute resolution. Protect your organization against litigation that may arise as a result of verbal agreements over the phone. Stop relying on sales agents or customers to explain what happened during a call. Save time by listening to what was actually said during a phone conversation.
  • Ensure legal compliance. For businesses that must adhere to strict rules or laws like the ones outlined in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), telephone call recording provides proof of compliance in the event of an audit or when a questioned about the fulfillment of those requirements.

Contact ICS for Business Call Recording Systems

ICS can help your business access all the benefits and features of business call recording systems. We offer a full line of recording products across a broad spectrum of platforms. To find out more about how we can help your business with your communication needs, contact us today at 281-819-5829. You can also message us on our contact page.