Why Should ICS Be Your Managed IT Provider?

If your business is located in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Here’s why you should consider ICS for your IT Partner. Our Managed IT Services are designed for the way you do business.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Help Desk Service manned by IT professionals who act within an hour to resolve your problems.
  • Management for your servers whether they are in the Cloud or in your office.
  • Maintenance for your computers, laptops, mobile devices, and Wi-Fi.
  • Managed Security Services and Assessments to ensure your data is safe from cyber threats.
  • Disaster Recovery to not only recover from data disasters but to avoid them altogether.
  • Data Backup and Restores that ensure your digital files are always available and protected from ransomware, accidental deletions or other disasters.
  • Software and Hardware deployment, implementation, and patch management to ensure you get the most value from your applications.
  • Consults from our Chief Technology Officer who can help you with IT Strategic Planning that will grow your business.
  • Network Asset Tracking to ensure you’re getting the most from your IT investments.
  • Quarterly Reviews so you can rate us on our performance.

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Managed IT Services we offer:

Business Phone Solutions

Business Phone Solutions that will keep you connected 24/7 & save you money. Whether you’re seeking to expand an existing phone system or install an entirely new one, ICS is experienced in developing and implementing the right option for your unique needs. Our Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Business Phones can increase your organization’s mobility and productivity. Your staff can make and receive calls from anywhere using the same features you have with your desktop PBX phones.

And, if a cloud-based phone solution doesn’t work well for your company, we can provide onsite servers and system solutions to fit your needs. ICS will even allow you to start with an onsite system and later move it to the Cloud and a VoIP solution or start with a cloud system and move it to your site if you’re not satisfied.
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Cloud Hosting & Cloud Solutions

We’ll design customized Cloud Hosting & cloud-based solutions to save you money, increase your efficiencies, and provide the anywhere access you need.

Every dollar you make counts. You can’t afford to waste a single penny. With Cloud Computing, your IT expenses can be controlled. You pay one fixed monthly fee for access to the hardware and software resources you need.

Cloud Hosting offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Redundancy and Reliability
  • More Features and Applications at Lower Costs
  • Disaster Recovery and Avoidance
  • Less Onsite Hardware to Manage
  • Applications that stay Up-to-Date
  • An Operational Expense vs. Capital Expenditure
  • Increased Data Security

And, using our cloud solutions is scalable. You can increase or decrease the number of employees using them as you need to. You’ll always have the newest hardware and software for the same monthly cost. Add to that 24/7 support to minimize downtime, and you’ll see why moving to the Cloud is the right thing to do.
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Unified Communications

You can take advantage of the benefits Unified Communications provide.

Unified messaging integrates various forms of communication such as fax messaging, email messaging, and voicemails into a single unified system accessible from MS Outlook or individual advanced interfaces. By unifying these channels, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes and save you time and money.
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Surveillance Systems

We’ll protect your business with the latest Surveillance Systems.

The physical security of your facility is of utmost importance. Many businesses are still using antiquated analog cameras. These cameras provide poor visual evidence and are often deemed useless.

The safety of your business will be enhanced with a properly designed and installed surveillance system by ICS. It’s a deterrent to criminals who want to steal from you or vandalize your property. Today you can have cameras installed in all areas of your facility, both inside and out, along with full monitoring capabilities 24/7 in real-time.
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Video Conferencing

Save money traveling to meetings with our Life-Size Video Conferencing.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, in-person meetings between those within your company or with distant clients may not always be possible. To provide a solution and allow you to still make a visual connection with clients, ICS offers the Lifesize 220 Series systems.

The Lifesize 220 Series product line incorporates peak performance high definition video conferencing at an affordable price, allowing your business to scale its communication needs while minimizing costs and lowering your company’s network demand. The Lifesize 220 Series delivers high definition video conferencing at bandwidths as low as 728 kbps with the ability to link up to four sites in lifelike picture-perfect video.
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Data Cabling

You’ll have Data Cabling that meets Best Industry Practices.

Data cabling is the backbone through which all of a company’s digital information is transported. A faulty or incomplete data cabling installation can lead to improper functioning of your computing hardware or premature failure, and it may also limit the possibility of performing effective maintenance.

The best technology in the world will be hampered if proper cabling isn’t used. Since applications can only move as fast as their slowest link, it’s imperative that data cabling installation meets best practices as well as your needs today and into the foreseeable future.

ICS will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your data technology with data cabling that meets all best practices.
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Excellent Customer Service

When you work with an ICS team member who responds and resolves your issues promptly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your technology will run efficiently, securely, and be there when you need it. We pride ourselves on our Help Desk Services manned by IT professionals who act within an hour to resolve your problems.

Contact the team at ICS in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, and find out why businesses rely on us for their IT Partner.

Reviews and testimonials

Alan is my "Go to" guy for tech support. Fixes my issues quickly and stays with me until we are BOTH sure everything is covered and fixed. Great Support!
Ross McAlpine
Ross McAlpine
Great group of people here. Very professional
James Smith continues to provide great customer service to all Oil States International employee's when representing ICS as our Vendor of choice to handle IT tickets with telecommunication needs. Communication skills exceed expectations, I am never disappointed by his consistency and attention to details.
C Budde
C Budde
Mike Bartlett is always friendly, Knowledgeable, and very Helpful to me. I have reached out to him many times for help on our Mitel's HX Controller. He explains and shows me how to do things for my customers. I am very appreciative his commitment to helping our organization.
Jeffrey Keeler
Jeffrey Keeler