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Your golf or country club is now reliant on technology. You need your IT to be reliable and run securely 24/7. It must perform seamlessly in the background so you can provide the excellent service that your members expect. You can no longer rely on one or two in-house techs to handle all of your needs. For this reason, clubs in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are now using Outsourced IT Services from experts like ICS who understand the Country Club industry.

  • Country Club IT Services

    The Cloud and Your Country Club or Golf Club

    Why are cloud solutions the right technology for today’s golf and country clubs? Because cloud technology offers an efficient, more affordable solution than on-premises systems. It makes accessing your applications and data so much easier. Because the Cloud is available on-demand to computer devices with an internet connection, your workforce can collaborate no matter where they are. This increases your staff’s productivity and efficiency.

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  • IT Solutions for Country Clubs

    Security For Golf Clubs and Country Clubs

    The National Club Association reports that data breaches are happening more frequently at country clubs, and the cost per incident is rising. At the moment, a breach will cost your club approximately $1.2 million. Plus it might take you a while to recover from the loss of reputation. The IT security experts at ICS specialize in keeping your club’s information systems secure and operating at peak performance.
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  • Country Club IT Management

    Fiber and Cabling For Country Clubs and Golf Clubs

    Many country and golf clubs in Houston, San Antonio and Austin are spread out over multiple buildings, and they can be located in rural areas. If this is your club, you need the right, properly installed cabling to ensure your employees and your members can always connect and communicate.
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  • IT Management for Country Clubs

    Managed WIFI For Golf and Country Clubs

    Golf and country clubs in Texas must accommodate more advanced and smart technologies to serve their members. They are coming to your establishment with their laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and they no longer view Wi-Fi as a perk. They want to be able to connect seamlessly and securely without interruptions. Without reliable Managed Wi-Fi with the bandwidth required to stream golf videos and more, your members may leave and join another club.
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  • IT Solutions for Country Clubs

    Hosted VoIP

    Business phone systems are no longer just telephones sitting on desks. Through Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies, your phones now allow you to operate more efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to lower your costs, in some cases by 50%.
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  • Tech Services for Country Clubs

    Mobile Device Management

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures security for each computer device connected to your network. If your mobile devices are lost or stolen, we can employ our MDM solution and delete your club’s data so bad actors can’t steal it. However, we must set this up before your devices are lost or stolen.
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  • Information Systems For Country Clubs

    Surveillance Cameras

    ICS offers a variety of video surveillance systems that are cost-effective, competitively priced, and meet our high standards for picture quality and performance. A properly designed video surveillance system from ICS provides the coverage you need to ensure your property and people are safe. With cameras installed in all areas of your facility, both inside and out, you’ll have full monitoring capabilities 24/7 and in real-time.
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  • Information Technology Management for Country Clubs

    Phone Systems

    Every country and golf club is different. This is why we’ll work closely with you to review your current phone system, discuss what options may be available, and find a solution that’s within your budget. Whether you’re seeking to expand an existing phone system or install an entirely new one, ICS is experienced in developing and implementing the right option for your club’s unique needs.
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For a complete Managed IT Services suite that provides the value, consistency, and security that your business needs, contact ICS. We serve Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with best-in-class IT Solutions.