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Mobile Device Security: The Top 3 Threats

Mobile devices have made it easier for golf and country club employees to get work done while on the go. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are a simple way to share and review documents, stay in touch with co-workers, and tend to your members’ needs while roaming throughout your facility. However, this doesn’t mean that they are free from risk.

How Can You Ensure Mobile Device Security In Your Golf or Country Club?

It’s no surprise that mobile devices have become a central and necessary part of business for golf and country clubs in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. However, what might be surprising is how unprepared some of these clubs are when devices are lost or stolen.

Do You Have a Mobile Device Management System In Place at Your Club?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures security and provides management for each device connected to your network. If devices are lost or stolen, we can employ the Mobile Device Management solution and delete your club’s data from the device. However, we must set this up before your devices are lost or stolen.

What Are The 3 Top Threats Associated With Mobile Devices?

Consider these 3 factors that contribute to poor mobile device security:

  1. Device Theft: As with any valuable item, there’s always the chance of having your technology stolen. But the damage is compounded when an employee’s stolen laptop contains sensitive business or member data.
  2. Poor Wireless Security: It can be tempting to use a free Wi-Fi hub while outside your facility, but you should be aware of the inherent dangers. Cybercriminals set up their own Wi-Fi hotspots near popular business venues in the hopes of gaining illegal access to wireless devices. A network that lacks the proper security could make you and your employees vulnerable to a cyber threat, so be sure to only use Wi-Fi networks that you know you can trust.
  3. Poor Practices: If your employees don’t know how to use a mobile device securely, then you’re open to a number of other risks. Apps that hide malicious functions within them are more common than you might think. Furthermore, above-board apps that ask permission to access information stored on the device, such as contacts can inadvertently lead to that information being used for unintended purposes. The app itself isn’t causing any harm, but it’s access to your device potentially could.

Do You Have a Mobile Device Policy In Place?

This dictates how your employees can use their personal devices for work purposes. An effective Mobile Device Policy should instill safe and secure practices for employees that use mobile devices both when at work and away.

In addition to having Mobile Device Management implemented, these are four steps that can help you effectively manage mobile devices for your golf or country club:

  • Decide When And How Mobile Devices Will Be Used.
    When properly integrated into your internal network, mobile devices can be used to access, store, transmit, and receive business data. You’ll need to have policies in place to regulate how employees use these devices to interact with sensitive data. Take the time to consider the risks associated with mobile device use at your club, as mentioned above.
  • Identify Your Risk Management Strategy.
    The purpose of a risk management strategy is to develop and implement safeguards that will minimize the risks uncovered by your risk analysis.
  • Develop, Document, and Implement Mobile Device Usage Policies And Procedures.
    Policies that are designed for mobile devices will help you manage risks and vulnerabilities specific to these devices. These policies should include:

    • Processes for identifying all devices being used to access business data,
    • Routinely checking that all devices have the correct security and configuration settings in place,
    • Whether or not staff can use mobile devices to access internal systems,
    • Whether staff can take work devices home with them, and
    • How you will go about deactivating or revoking the access of staff members who are no longer employed.
  • Provide Security and Privacy Training And Awareness For Your Staff.
    Everyone on your staff should be educated on how best to use mobile devices to avoid costly security errors. Your safeguards can’t protect you or your members’ confidential data if your staff doesn’t understand your policies and procedures, and lacks a basic grasp of security best practices. Your entire team should be taught how to secure their devices, how to protect business and member data, what the risks are, and how to avoid common security mistakes.

If you’re unsure of how to get started, get in touch with ICS. We have the experience and expertise needed to help Country and Golf Clubs in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley develop and implement a robust and reliable Mobile Device Management system.