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You can’t expect your meetings, no matter how important they are, to take place entirely in person. Remote workers and long-distance business contacts have made the business workplace hybrid, and your technology needs to keep up.

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ICS Will Equip You With Cutting-Edge A/V Solutions

ICS has extensive expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining intuitive and convenient communication, presentation, and general technology platforms for the business world.
Whether everyone can meet in the same room or not, we will help you build an environment that meets your needs, integrating a range of key technologies to ensure you can connect, present and discuss effectively.

Harness Leading Creston A/V Solutions

ICS is proud to help clients harness the full capabilities of Creston’s range of leading audio-visual solutions, including:

Crestron Flex Digital Workplace Platform

The hybrid workplace presents a unique set of challenges due to its diverse schedules, spaces, and staff. To ensure maximum productivity and efficiency within this framework, the Crestron Flex Digital Workplace platform has been developed to provide an intuitive interface for connecting people with the most suitable tools and environments for their needs.

Crestron Flex Video Conferencing

Crestron Flex Video Conferencing solutions make it easier than ever for coworkers to communicate and collaborate, regardless of their location. Featuring intelligent audio and video capabilities, meeting participants have an equal chance to be heard and seen whether they are physically present or joining remotely. Integration with localized and networked AV systems streamlines content sharing, allowing for the seamless transfer of key resources.

AirMedia® Wireless Presentation and Conferencing Systems

AirMedia wireless conferencing technology makes it simple to transform any area into a state-of-the-art meeting hub. No matter if you’re in a compact conference room, a relaxed lounge, or an open-plan space, it’s easy to conduct presentations, share content, and host meetings from virtually any device.

Crestron Flex Scheduling

Crestron Flex Scheduling makes it easier than ever to find and book the right space, when you need it. Through one comprehensive platform, users can access a wide range of spaces tailored for any type of activity. By tracking utilization data and usage insights, the system works to ensure optimal scheduling decisions are made and each space is utilized effectively.

Crestron Intelligent Video

Crestron Intelligent Video provides an enhanced and equal hybrid experience for all participants. With the increased visibility of remote participants, they can feel more included and connected with their in-room colleagues. Automated solutions create a stress-free environment for the onsite team, allowing them to interact naturally and collaborate successfully.

Features include:

Presenter Tracking

Video systems that follow the presenter as they move around the space.

Group Framing

Auto adjustments are made to ensure the entire team is kept in frame.

Speaker Tracking

Auto-switching between cameras to track whoever is speaking.

Dynamic Composition

Hybrid presentation of multiple camera views to provide a context for the space.

BYOD Conferencing

The AirMedia® Receiver 3200-WF + Jabra® PanaCast 50 video bar bundle provides flexible, cost-effective, and efficient hybrid meeting solutions for smaller spaces. This package enhances any workspace with the ability to connect multiple devices to a single video presentation and collaboration platform.

AirMedia Receiver 3200-WF

Present, share, and video conference wirelessly from your device of choice

Access cameras, speakers, microphones, and displays as needed to better bridge the gap between in-person and remote

Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar

Harness intelligent video to develop a more seamless hybrid meeting place

Use a 180° view of the captured room to ensure each and every team member can be clearly seen

Make use of multiple views and close-ups to bring remote members further into the meeting.

Crestron DM NVX®

When results and performance require the utmost precision and speed, the choice of technology is clear. Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology has been proven time and again in applications ranging from esports to military operations, control centers to cybersecurity where the real-time video is essential for success. It offers the stunning audio and video clarity that you need for modern communication.

Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology provides tremendous flexibility and scalability, with the ability to extend from 2 to 64 devices, expandable up to 2560×1600 or 4K resolution, and support for up to 48 audio channels per room.

Crestron & Microsoft Teams Panels

The Microsoft Teams® Panel is an intuitive and efficient way to make the most of your day. With this tool, you can easily book conference rooms, host meetings, and ensure that all available spaces are being used optimally. You can also keep track of any changes you make to the schedule, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Furthermore, since it is a native experience, you won’t have difficulty navigating through the features or getting accustomed to them. The streamlined interface makes it easy to find what you need quickly so that you don’t waste precious time. With this feature, you can stay organized and productive throughout your day.

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LED Light Fixtures

The power to control lighting in any room, at any time, is at your fingertips with the Crestron Home® platform. Through native integration of their own LED light fixtures and selected third-party fixtures, you can effortlessly set the perfect atmosphere, be it for feeling relaxed, boosting productivity, or encouraging creativity. Lighting plays an essential role in how we think and feel—being able to customize it allows us to maximize its potential benefits and ultimately improve you and your team’s wellbeing.

CRESTRON FLEX Tabletop & Mini Tabletop

Bring exceptional sound and visuals to any meeting space with the groundbreaking all-in-one tabletop device. It is designed to work with any platform, making it ideal for any gathering, no matter the size or shape of the room. This advanced piece of tech provides unrivaled quality and clarity, allowing you to bring your conference to life in high-definition audio and visuals that will capture the attention of everyone involved. With this device, your meetings can be taken to a higher level, enabling you to make a lasting impression.

Furthermore, the Mini Tabletop, Crestron Flex family’s most compact member, is the ideal solution for small spaces, allowing for more effective collaboration. Its design places it at the center of the table, optimizing everyone’s ability to communicate and problem-solve together in a small area. This innovative piece of technology features a user-friendly design that makes it easy to operate, allowing all participants to collaborate with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

The Crestron Flex family also provides excellent audio quality, allowing team members to clearly hear each other, even from across the room. Its flexible microphone array further enhances communication by facilitating conversations between individuals who aren’t directly next to each other. In addition, its intuitive touchscreen controls make it simple to adjust settings or access additional resources on a whim. Furthermore, its long-lasting battery life ensures that meetings can take place uninterrupted for extended periods of time.


Creston Flex soundbars provide optimal audio clarity for the most important of meetings. Easily installed in any sized conference room, they significantly enhance the level of communication between attendees.

By utilizing advanced technology, this device offers superior acoustic separation and immersive sound that is sure to captivate all listeners. With such capabilities, the Creston Flex soundbar raises the bar for exceptional meeting experiences and ensures that conversations will be heard clearly regardless of where participants are situated within the room.

Horizon® Thermostats

Horizon smart thermostats boast an ultra-slim profile and luxurious aesthetic, providing a neat and subtle look to the home. With their intuitive control and bright high-resolution touch screen, it’s easy to alter settings without needing to swipe or touch the thermostat.

The display can be changed between light and dark mode, while a light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display at night. Furthermore, a quick-look RGB backlit status bar provides an insight into current status as well as adding a sophisticated design accent.

TSW 70 Series Touch Screens

Creston Touch Screens are advanced interactive displays that offer a powerful way to communicate and collaborate. They boast an intuitive user interface, with features such as multi-touch input and customizable functions that make it easy for users to create, share, and control content from around the room.

With robust network capabilities and built-in audio/visual components, Creston Touch Screens can be used in almost any environment—from home offices to boardrooms—allowing users to access applications, media files, calendars, and more. Equipped with cutting-edge technology like gesture recognition and wide-angle viewing, these interactive displays are designed to improve productivity while enhancing the user experience.

Enterprise Room Solutions

Crestron Enterprise Room Solutions empower individuals to collaborate, present, and communicate in a variety of settings more effectively, enabling them to get the most out of their time. With its unified platform, Crestron provides an effortless approach to managing all connected spaces securely on the network. It is the only solution available that allows users to access all of these capabilities with a single device—no need for multiple applications or hardware components.

This hardware-agnostic system makes it easy to quickly deploy and manage your digital meeting spaces, eliminating the hassle of having to invest in additional technology. Moreover, thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, employees can take advantage of advanced features like scheduling meetings, conducting remote meetings, sharing content from their devices or cloud storage solutions, and more without requiring any special training or technical knowledge.

Free Form Spaces

The hybrid workplace presents a unique set of challenges due to its diverse schedules, spaces, and staff. To ensure maximum productivity and efficiency within this framework, the Crestron Flex Digital Workplace platform has been developed to provide an intuitive interface for connecting people with the most suitable tools and environments for their needs.

Conference Spaces

Organizations of all sizes can now facilitate comprehensive, large-scale meetings with the latest dual-screen presentation technology, video conferencing solutions and extended collaboration tools—all without having to write any code. This cutting-edge technology facilitates effortless communication by enabling participants to present their ideas in a visually engaging manner, while giving them the opportunity to connect through video from any distance or location.

Enterprise Video Distribution

DM® is an advanced enterprise-grade media distribution system that provides organizations with the highest quality video, fastest switching capabilities, robust multi-channelled audio, and secure network-based control and management. With its cutting-edge technology, it ensures high levels of performance and reliability while offering streaming media to multiple destinations. DM® delivers superior-quality video with faster-switching capability allowing for more efficient data transmission, lower latency times, and fewer buffering issues.

Enterprise Audio

The modern workplace has drastically changed the way we think about sound. In many buildings, open layouts, glass walls, and high ceilings are used to create an aesthetically pleasing space. However, these design choices can make it challenging to ensure everyone in a room can clearly hear and understand one another. Fortunately, Crestron has developed solutions that make it easy to tune any space for optimal intelligibility. By utilizing advanced technologies such as digital signal processing (DSP) and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), Crestron provides users with crisp audio that sounds great and is easy to control.

Room Scheduling

Crestron has made it easy and convenient to find and reserve suitable meeting spaces from any location. Whether you’re in the corridor, in the room or on your phone, Crestron offers a reliable and secure connection to the most commonly used corporate calendaring services. This means that users can quickly locate and book available rooms with minimal effort. Furthermore, the integration of technology into the booking system allows users to access their reservations at any time, ensuring they never miss an appointment.

ICS TotalCare

ICS TotalCare monitoring ensures your organization stays productive, secure, and effective on a day-to-day basis. We keep an eye on your systems to ensure everything is optimized for your needs.

Don’t Settle For Less-Than-Perfect Technology

A/V solutions are too important to cut corners on, especially in the modern, hybrid working world.

When your team comes together to talk about your business’ future or make an important proposal to a new client, you don’t want to have to deal with IT issues.

Our team has extensive experience designing robust technology systems that form the foundation of conference rooms—get in touch with ICS to get started.