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5 Common Issues That Can Impact Your Guest Wi-Fi Performance – Questions & Answers

There’s nothing like going to the country club with family and friends. There’s something for everyone from swimming and golf to relaxing over a nice dinner. Families and individuals around town come to escape their busy lives and enjoy the beautiful landscaping, fine dining and poolside grill. But all the while, they’re still connected to their devices. We love our smartphones and tablets, and when we go to the club, they come with us too.

What Is Managed Wi-Fi?

To manage this new scale of demand for wireless access, cloud-based Managed Wi-Fi Services is something to consider. Your wireless LAN will be managed remotely by an IT service company to ensure secure, scalable and always-on- demand connectivity.

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi is available via a subscription-based payment model that delivers centralized management for authentication of users and network monitoring. It’s definitely something to consider if you struggle with Wi-Fi connectivity and security.

Whether You Use Managed Wi-Fi Or Not Your Guests Expect Speedy Wi-Fi Connections

Most every area of our lives has benefited from technology. This includes when we want to relax at the club. Just take a look around.

  • You’ll see someone by the pool reading a book on their tablet.
  • Golfers checking email messages before they tee off.
  • Guests dining in the club snapping photos and posting them on Facebook and Instagram.

Your country club guests expect to connect to reliable Wi-Fi. When they can’t, you’re sure to get complaints.

What Are Some Things To Consider When It Comes To Guest Wi-Fi?

  • Is it safe and secure for guests?
  • How easy is it to connect?
  • How do we manage the shared bandwidth?
  • What happens when we have issues?

Any Wi-Fi solution you choose shouldn’t bring everything to a halt if there are technical difficulties. Make sure you have the right Wi-Fi equipment and setup to avoid this.

What Should You Look For In Wireless Access?

  • Enhanced and powerful wireless access that adds value to your business.
  • A cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank.
  • A centrally managed solution that ensures security.
  • Scalability to grow or scale back as you require.
  • Bandwidth management for the speed and power you need.
  • Guest access, so your visitors can use your Wi-Fi without worries and without accessing your business network.
  • Fast remote support and on-site service if an outage ever occurs.

What Are The 5 Major Issues That Cause Inadequate Wireless Performance?

1. Slow or No Connections

When your guests can’t connect reliably to your Wi-Fi, it’s enough to ruin their day at the club. Don’t blame your Internet Service Provider for slow speeds. It could be that you’re using the wrong router. If it’s not capable of transmitting fast speeds, you’re not getting the most from the internet connection you’re paying for.

This typically happens during peak hours when everyone is enjoying lunch, the pool or sitting at the bar watching Sunday’s football games. If your Internet connection is working but slow, it may be time to look at your router or ask about managed Wi-Fi. Did you know you can manage bandwidth applications such as how much bandwidth can be utilized for Netflix and streaming?

2. Lack of Bandwidth

This happens when guest Wi-Fi is spread thin. Maybe the kids are playing online games, mom is streaming her favorite movie while resting by the pool, or the guys are in the grill snapping photos after a golf tournament.

Wireless isn’t always capable of handling the capacity you need. You can avoid this with the right wireless devices and set up.

3. Interference

Interference is a real annoyance. Wireless signals need to go through walls, around corners and outside to designated areas. Studs and metal pipes in the walls can cause interference. Even windows can interfere with wireless signals.

When a wireless signal can’t reach a device, the computer continually resends messages. This overloads the system.

4. Outdated Equipment

Old or consumer-grade routers and modems won’t be capable of supporting the network traffic at the speeds your guests require. And, older technology malfunctions, causing frustrating downtime and constant calls to the IT Help Desk. In these instances, an upgrade or switch to Managed Wi-Fi Service is usually warranted.

5. Lack of Security

The wrong Wi-Fi set up could give criminals access to your guests’ confidential data. With a centrally managed system, you can ensure the security of your business data and your guests’ personal information. A Managed Wi-Fi Solution employs a layered defense to protect your data.

We can explain more in detail when you sign up for our Wi-Fi Site Assessment.

What Is a Wi-Fi Site Assessment?

Our technicians will determine:

  • The current radio frequency for your wireless local area network.
  • The configuration of wireless access points.
  • Your Wi-Fi requirements for coverage and capacity.
  • The layout of your club and where structures could interfere with Wi-Fi signals.
  • An analysis of the Wi-Fi equipment, settings, and cabling you require.
  • The security posture of your Wi-Fi network.

Don’t jeopardize your guests’ satisfaction or their IT security. Contact the Wi-Fi experts at ICS. We’ve helped other Country Clubs like yours in Houston, San Antonio and Austin get their wireless and IT infrastructures up to par!