Today’s oil and gas companies use a variety of innovative technologies that provide safer, more efficient operations. And it’s been proven over and over that outsourcing your IT Service and Support will free you up to focus on your company’s objectives. Since the cost of managed services in your area remains about the same across the board, the big question is: “Why not work with a provider who has experience in the oil and gas field?”

Most people don’t know much about how the oil and gas industry operates and this includes managed IT service providers. Before selecting a managed IT provider, it’s important to ask some questions to ensure that the provider does have a working knowledge of the oil and gas industry. That’s because you need IT people who understand your core business operations.

IT Company that understands how the Oil & Gas industry works

That’s the main reason why we believe your business could benefit from our professional managed services. We already work with many of the largest and best players in the oil and gas industry. We provide managed IT services for companies in the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas.

South Texas is home to many huge oil and gas conglomerations and this fact has enabled our staff to become quite familiar with the successful operation of a company in this field. We’ve developed some highly successful strategies for helping companies like yours to excel. We know that this industry is extremely competitive … often profit margins are slim.

Benefits of working with ICS

These are just a few of the reasons why you could benefit from working with ICS. Below are a few others:

We understand how oil and gas companies communicate from the field to the head office: The oil and gas industry relies heavily on information technology for field communications. ICS specializes in managed remote communications, collaborative applications, and systems integration applications so your employees can feel confident that they can communicate and share data seamlessly from the field to the head office.

We train employees on the software programs you use: Innovative software programs enable smoother operations, but they can be complex. You need to work with experts who understand this software. We train our employees on these technologies as they change and evolve.

We know the different terminologies used in Oil & Gas: Our techs understand the various terminologies you use every day. We know the difference between a tank battery and a tail buoy. When it comes to common terms your employees use every day, we stay informed and up-to-date. We believe this helps us perform better, delivering superior IT services.

Expertise in different software tools used in the Oil and Gas business

We have expertise in the different software tools used in the oil and gas business including Land, Geology Software Solutions, Mapping/GIS, Geophysics, Financial Accounting, Production Accounting, and others: ICS will work to ensure the oil and gas production software you use runs optimally, and that you can use it via a mobile application. We help with whatever you need from submitting gauge sheets to data storage. Our team can also assist with:

  • Field Data Capture Systems
  • Mapping and GIS Applications
  • Geological and Complex Geophysical Applications
  • Financial and Production Accounting Systems

We understand that most oil and gas companies are publicly traded organizations and must meet local, federal and state regulations and all compliance standards: With the laws and standards constantly changing in this sector, you can benefit from working with a provider who can help you meet stringent regulations.

We have the ability to ensure your technology assets are secure: Cybercriminals are attacking oil and gas companies in growing numbers. You can’t afford for your IT systems to be breached. You need the expertise of a seasoned IT provider who understands the oil and gas landscape, and how to mitigate cyber risks.

Contact us

Our team will provide advice and assistance so that you get the most from your technology solutions. We know that when you have technology working for you instead of against you, this improves your profit ratio and reduces downtime … not to mention IT-related headaches.

When you outsource your information technology to experts like ICS, you can forget technology hassles and focus on running your oil & gas business. We’ll work hard to make sure you’re using software and hardware proficiently. There are even more benefits to working with a knowledgeable, experienced IT provider and we believe you’ll quickly recognize the value ICS brings to the table. Why not contact us to learn more?


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