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ICS Offers Managed IT Services For The Oil And Gas Sector

Every industry will encounter ups and downs eventually. It’s the very nature of business to both enjoy prosperous seasons as well as deal with the less fortunate times too. When you are pushed to make difficult choices about what the future of your oil and gas business will look like, it’s important to have reliable and trustworthy partners on hand that can help ease the load.

ICS is here to help businesses like yours navigate through the rough patches with minimal stress and complication by managing and supporting your IT from end to end, around the clock.

Managed IT Services For Oil And Gas Companies

Why Is IT Vital In The Oil And Gas Industry?

No oil & gas company operates entirely under one roof. Your operation is a combination of management in a series of offices, along with numerous teams out in the field, performing survey work or operating on drilling rigs.

Supporting your network of locations with the right IT is vital for your productivity and success. The easier it is for your employees to access vital information, whether they’re on an oil rig or elsewhere in the field, the easier it is for them to do their jobs.

What Will ICS Deliver For Your Oil And Gas Company?

Managed IT 

Harness the latest innovations in IT and digitally transform your business to increase efficiencies, eliminate waste, and achieve a better bottom line. Services include:

  • Help Desk
  • Management for your cloud-based or local servers
  • Mobile Device Management to secure, track, and manage your mobile devices.
  • Managed Security Services and Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery, Data Backup, and Restoration
  • Software and Hardware deployment, implementation and patch management

Business Phone Systems

Our Business Phone services slash prices and increase connectivity compared to traditional phone systems, providing a range of features that make communication easier and more effective.

The Business Phones we offer are a more sophisticated commercial version of consumer VoIP. Business VoIP offers the benefit of hosted PBX capabilities with conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold, automated attendants, and much more.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a key part of the modern business world, helping to connect teams from all around the globe in one room.

ICS offers products that incorporate high definition video conferencing at an affordable price, allowing your business to scale its communication needs while minimizing costs and lowering your company’s network demand. ICS’s cloud-based video solutions make video simple and easy to use.

Internet, Dial Tone, and WAN

No matter your connectivity needs, we can deliver the services you need. Internet, dial tone, or WAN, our team can plan, deploy, and maintain your vital business connections to make sure you are always able to access your data and reach your contacts. ICS provides multiple quotes from multiple carriers. With a single phone call, you will be able to evaluate your fiber, copper, coax, and wireless solutions.

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