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ICS Offers The Power Of Remote Access For Oil And Gas Companies

Since the industrial revolution, the oil and gas industry has played an integral role in our economy – allowing us to enjoy the benefits of heat, light, and mobility throughout the world. Nowadays, many oil and gas companies continue to thrive with the occasional budget and schedule overruns, alongside the difficulties in attracting talent and keeping accountable in terms of climate change. Technology tends to assist oil and gas companies in terms of minimizing the challenges they face, and fortunately, the oil and gas industry is no stranger to digital innovation.

In fact, over the past few years, oil fields around the world have been adopting big data and other technologies to boost operational efficiencies. But there’s one often overlooked tool in the industry: remote access solutions. A lot of oil and gas employees spend a ton of time out in the field, and as a result, they need the ability to access their systems and data remotely from any device or location.

Remote Access For Oil And Gas Companies

A Remote Access Solution Gives Oil And Gas Employees Instant Access To Important Information

Consider this… A single drilling rig at an oilfield can generate a TON of data – in the realm of terabytes – each and every day. A lot of this information is crucial for employees to make decisions while they’re working. If they can’t access all of the information they need, they’re unable to stay productive. A remote access solution ensures:

  1. Field workers can upload daily inspection information throughout the day to be processed in real-time.
  2. Mobile workers can access information wherever they’re working from, regardless of the location, without storing sensitive data on their own devices.

Plus, a remote access solution simplifies the process of making data available to regulatory agencies when requested. As oil fields continue to become more connected, data is created at a faster rate than ever before – making a remote access solution the perfect choice for those who are struggling with data storage scalability and/or accommodation.

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