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ICS Offers Mobile Device Management For Oil And Gas Companies

The oil and gas industry is becoming more competitive and fast-changing than ever before with various regulations in place – resulting in challenges for oil and gas companies who are trying to manage offshore and onshore operations. Naturally, it’s vital for you to have access to important information whenever and wherever you need it most. This is key to managing your resources effectively, and in turn, improving operational capabilities and keeping costs as low as possible. But how do you embrace mobility without sacrificing security? First and foremost, let’s take a look at the risks of NOT embracing mobility:

  • Delayed access to applications
  • Inefficient communications
  • Repeat data entry

Although paper, traditional phones, and desktop computers can be helpful within the office, they’re not as helpful in the field, especially if workers are left juggling heavy equipment to keep in communication with those in the office. This often leads to field workers not accessing the most up-to-date and accurate information in real-time, and in many cases, daily or hourly reports aren’t filed or called in on time.

Mobile Device Management For Oil And Gas Companies

How Does Embracing Mobility Change The Game For Oil And Gas Companies?

Oil and gas companies tend to have their primary production facilities in the field, which makes mobility solutions the perfect fit. Aside from the standard tools, including file sharing, email, and other collaboration applications, oil and gas companies can access industry-specific solutions while on-the-go. This allows you to:

  • Accelerate decision making and reduce cycle time as work and data capture are sped up to improve rounds, inspections, repairs, etc.
  • Improve productivity amongst field workers as the flow of information is much smoother and more effective for anytime, anywhere access.
  • Enhance customer service as sales executives will have access to up-to-date information on product availability, complaints, order status, and more.

Essentially, employees are able to handle a range of workflows from mobile devices, including the following:

  • Manager approvals for travel and expenses
  • Manager approvals for time off, training, leave
  • Real-time dashboard and KPI reporting
  • Measurement and counter readings
  • Notification management
  • Order management
  • Incident management
  • Customer search/fact sheets

Mobile Devices Help You Streamline Virtually All Aspects Of The Value Chain, But How Do You Keep Them Secure Against Threats?

In an environment of increasing maintenance costs, complex regulatory mandates, and volatile energy prices, it’s key to embrace mobility to streamline virtually all aspects of the value chain. But cybercrime is continuing to evolve, which means you need to keep your mobile devices secure against threats of all types, including ransomware, viruses, and other malicious activity. A mobile device management solution is the best way to keep your mobile devices secure against threats.

Before you implement a mobile device management solution, a mobile device policy should be in place. Keep in mind, one lost or unsecure mobile device can leave ALL of your sensitive information at risk. A mobile device policy should:

  1. Require high levels of hardware-level security with approval required prior to accessing sensitive information.
  2. Limit the downloading of unauthorized applications and/or cloud storage systems with approval required prior to using any third-party programs.
  3. Require password protection with all employees agreeing to use strong, complex passwords that are updated regularly.

Once you have a mobile device policy in place, a mobile device management solution will enforce the policy, as well as ensure the following:

  • Mobile devices can be tracked remotely via GPS when lost or misplaced
  • Mobile devices can be locked and/or wiped if they’re not found
  • Mobile devices can require two-factor authentication for all remote access tools
  • Mobile devices can be monitored to view health and usage statistics

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