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It’s no secret that the cloud has gotten extremely popular with businesses of all sizes in recent years. Today, smart professionals are asking what’s driving so many businesses to adopt cloud technology. Specifically, what’s driving them to move their communications technology to the cloud?

For one, a move to the cloud means predictable monthly costs. A lot of companies still don’t realize just how much they can save, or the added advantages this platform has to offer.

The cloud can improve your communications and save you money. But it can also give your employees an easy-to-use platform for collaboration. There are at least 10 good reasons to move your business communications to the cloud and we’ll cover them all in this article.

  1. Work from anywhere: Your phone system plays an important role in your business operations. With more employees working from home and on the go, there are increasing demands placed on your phone system. That means you must think beyond the traditional phone system of old. Your team must be able to work in an evolving business environment that is more global than ever. Today’s modern workplace requires a comprehensive communications system that’s easier to manage and allows your employees to interact from different locations and devices.
  2. Support and elevate your operations: Unifying all communications will support and elevate your business. The cloud gives you access to software, documents, emails, and photos that are available from any device. All you need is a secure Internet connection to access the information and services from anywhere. That’s real convenience.
  3. Obsolescence: With technology constantly evolving, your phone equipment could quickly become obsolete. As technology changes, you can benefit from cloud platforms because you won’t have thousands of dollars invested in a traditional phone system that no longer meets the needs of your employees.
  4. Your IT Resources: Many IT departments are spread very thin and their resources are limited. What happens when you need training for new employees? How about when various users have problems with their phone system? With cloud-based communications you can get all your maintenance and support free, as part of your contract with the provider. The cost of system maintenance, along with upgrades, additions, and replacements is all included.
  5. Scalability: Need to add locations? It’s simple to handle that in a cloud environment. Add work stations and new users in just minutes. Your business can grow as it needs to. If you go through slow seasons, you can cut back on your services as well. That built-in flexibility associated with the cloud makes it a great fit for companies that need to scale up or down.
  6. Integration: You’ll enjoy easier integration with popular back-office cloud solutions, such as CRM, ERP and other apps. Your cloud phone system can become a communications hub that enhances productivity and collaboration amongst employees. Solutions with a broad suite of integrations to your key back-office systems, such as your CRM or helpdesk systems, help simplify routine tasks and improve reporting capabilities. No matter what software and hardware you use each day, your cloud-based phone system will be compatible.
  7. Need to Improve the Customer Experience? You need to be able to compete in today’s global marketplace and cloud-based solutions make it easy. They offer greater integration opportunities that, in turn, can help you meet the diverse needs of customers all over the world. Your staff and your customers will realize the difference.
  8. Web Conference & Desktop Sharing: You can increase the effectiveness of your online meetings by sharing important documents and visuals with a single click. Meetings will be more efficient and employees will save time.
  9. Limited IT Resources: Do you have a small IT department that’s already overwhelmed? Cloud communications offer expert installation, ongoing support and automatic software upgrades. Your IT people won’t have to worry about maintenance and support for your phone system. This takes a considerable amount of work off their plate.
  10. Greater Value: There are minimal upfront expenses since you pay monthly on a subscription basis. Upgrades are automatic and they’re free. Things like maintenance and installation costs are either low or non-existent. Your monthly payment is easy to budget for and it can be written off as an operating expense.

Have you heard of ICS?

ICS has been providing a wide range of excellent telecommunications products for many years. As a leader in providing unified communications solutions for business, this company has revolutionized the VoIP world.

ICS’s premier cloud-based phone systems integrate with numerous applications, so your business can get more done each day. ICS enables you to experience the latest and greatest new features without your bill ever going up. Plus, your employees will enjoy the freedom they need to work from anywhere.

ICS’s products are not just a phone system. They provide a great range of rich collaboration features like chat, desktop sharing, video and team workspaces. It’s intuitive and easy to use so your employees will be able to take full advantage of all the great features this platform offers.

The best part? We’ve helped many businesses in your area to install and set up their cloud-based phone system. Businesses like yours in Houston, San Antonio and Austin need the convenience and flexibility that ICS has to offer.

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