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Houston IT companies, phone systems HoustonMany businesses still use outdated phone systems. Partnering with Houston IT companies can help your organization gain access to a state-of-the-art communication system. Instead of using a landline, VoIP services are much more effective and have many more features than a traditional phone line. These features include three-way calling, voicemail transcription, call screening, call routing, music on hold and many other useful features. If you are still undecided, here are three signs that your business needs to upgrade your communications system:

1. Difficulty in Adding New Users

Companies hire new employees all the time. However, it is not always easy for them to immediately receive a new phone number because traditional phone systems in Houston typically have a hard cap on the number of users that they can service. Of course, a business can pay extra money to increase capacity, but these costs can quickly add up over time. On the other hand, VoIP services are highly flexible and can scale to meet the needs of your business. Instead of being limited by outdated technology, your business can allow new employees to immediately receive a new phone number without any delays.

2. Mobile and Landline Phones Aren’t United

Another advantage of partnering with Houston IT companies is that it will allow your business to merge your landline and mobile phones. Instead of treating both services as a separate entity, unified communications (UC) will join voicemail, phone bills and a phone number into one. In addition to the convenience, it helps employees save much needed time without having to check multiple voicemails or use two different phone numbers. The phone bill will also be together, which can eliminate the confusion of multiple charges and make it much easier to pay your bills on time.

3. Multiple Locations

Another reason to upgrade your company’s phone system is if your organization has multiple offices in different locations. Instead of using traditional phone lines, VoIP services will enable your business to manage multiple phone lines in various places easily. VoIP communications is a much more affordable option than paying separate phone bills each month and can save your business a significant amount of money.

Choosing Houston IT companies will enable businesses to take advantage of the latest technology, which includes gaining access to VoIP services. VoIP technology allows companies to easily add or subtract users and unify phone lines. It also provides easy access to multiple locations. ICS is an IT service provider that offers state-of-the-art communications, while also focusing on providing the best customer support and cybersecurity available. We understand the many limitations of a traditional phone line. VoIP services can help your business increase productivity and reach never-before-seen levels of success. Our IT staff is always available to provide assistance and will be happy to answer any questions. If you wish to learn more about VoIP technology, feel free to contact us so we can discuss in more detail the many benefits of this excellent phone service.