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Houston IT companiesRansomware and other cyber threats continually dominate the news. The news focuses on the attacks against large businesses, but small companies are just as likely to become a victim of a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult for a small business to bounce back and over 60% of these companies are never able to recover and are forced to close within six months. However, Houston IT companies can prevent the vast majority of these attacks and here are three ways they keep small businesses well-protected:

1. Frequent Software Updates

Receiving frequent security and software updates is a key component of staying ahead of cybercriminals. Ransomware threats are constantly evolving, but a managed service provider (MSP) can provide updates to keep businesses protected on a continual basis. Each of these updates will have detailed patch notes explaining any changes and how it can impact each employee. Besides improving security, it can also boost productivity and make the jobs of each employee that much easier.

2. Regularly Backup Data

Another important step for a small business is to backup critical data on a daily basis. Houston IT companies can help you automatically upload this data to a cloud server, which can be easily accessed from any location. For example, if your company experiences a ransomware attack, instead of being held hostage, you can access all of your critical data from an offsite cloud server with another computer. Performing these daily data backups is vital for a small business as it can prevent extended periods of downtime and will help you avoid paying an expensive ransom to a cybercriminal.

3. Create Complex Passwords

The use of strong passwords will significantly reduce the chances of a cybercriminal from gaining access to your confidential information. Each account must have its own unique password that consists of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Typically, a minimum of 12 characters is a good length and it is also important to change these passwords every few months. Of course, it is never a good idea to share your password with any other employees. For that, an IT provider can help ensure that each employee remains in compliance.

ICS is one of the leading Houston IT companies that can significantly improve the cybersecurity of your small businesses and help your organization avoid falling victim to a ransomware attack. We are an MSP that specializes in helping small businesses receive state-of-the-art security. Our staff is always available around the clock and can guide your employees on the best cybersecurity practices in today’s workplace. We understand the importance of security and will ensure that your company remains protected with the help of frequent updates, data backup plans, and ensuring that each employee remains in compliance. Besides security, we can also help your employees become much more productive with the help of the latest technology. Contact us now to learn more about protecting your company against cyber threats.