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When you’re looking for a managed services provider (MSP) in San Antonio, there are certain questions you need to ask in order to determine if they’re going to be able to serve your business properly. Some of those questions include:

  • Do they serve businesses similar to yours?
  • Do they have any certifications?
  • Do they provide cloud computing services?
  • What’s the monthly cost of operations?
  • What kind of things does the business provide on a monthly basis?

Similar Services

The right managed services provider in San Antonio should provide services to organizations similar to yours. They should also be able to provide vetted reviews and testimonials from similarly situated businesses to help assure you that their offerings are “above the board”, as the saying goes. If the MSP you’re considering serves no clients like you, then it’s likely they’ll mishandle your company’s IT needs.


What kinds of certifications does the IT provider in question hold? If they don’t hold any, that’s a pretty strong indicator that you may need to look elsewhere. However, you can’t just take the fact that they hold certifications at face value. There are certifications that demonstrate some standing, some don’t. You need to determine if any certifications are held and what kinds they are.

Do They Provide Cloud Computing Services?

Cloud computing is absolutely integral in the modern-day workplace. It is quickly coming to define the market with the kind of impact that hasn’t been seen since the internet itself came onto the scene. Lost files are no longer a pressing issue when automatic updates can be put to use so that every change in your network is documented and logged. Additionally, cloud computing provides a high quotient of computing power, security, and innovation that can save your business time and money while enhancing its internal security.

Monthly Costs

You need to be sure that monthly costs of the MSP you’re considering are within your budget and reasonable. You want a discount, but you don’t want something so “bottom of the barrel” that you know something is wrong. However, if all the other questions on this list are answered, then perhaps that’s not a bad thing. This is one reason you ask a lot of questions. On the other side of the same token, you don’t want to pay more than you should. There is no shortage of MSPs that overcharge because they know they can get away with it. You’re looking for a balance.

What Kind of Monthly Services Are Provided?

Cloud computing is one thing you should look for. Additionally, you should look for security solutions, help desk support, and technology innovation. Finally, you should also ensure that whatever monthly services are provided should match the needs of your company.

Securing MSP Support You Can Rely On

Managed services in San Antonio from ICS can help your business maintain operations in a way that is cost-effective, innovative and cutting-edge. Contact us for the most sought-after technology solutions, as well as burgeoning trends, like cloud computing, which are coming to define the market. We can help you find the best suite of services for your business and ensure comprehensive tech support.