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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston are now offering Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a component of a secure and reliable cloud communications system that eliminates the need for installing PBX hardware. With all the communication devices and platforms today, cloud VoIP offers a comprehensive hosted business communications system. With this service you can manage all your business communications on your computer or mobile device from any location with no additional hardware.

If you’re considering using a cloud-based phone service you might want to know what the benefits of this service are and how much it will cost you.

1 Right Pricing

The cost of a cloud-based voice service will depend on the size of your company, the service provider you choose and the features included. This service has a set price for all the features and is priced per employee. It’s cheaper than premise-based voice service especially when usage-based domestic calling plans are taken into account. VoIP service providers bundle long distance minutes into a predictable monthly recurring fee. This service also requires less hardware, therefore cutting down on hardware costs.

2 Less IT Expenses

With a cloud-based phone system you eliminate the need for on-site infrastructure. The VoIP provider caters for everything including hosting, upgrades and maintenance. Therefore, there is no need to hire a technical contractor to manage your system.

3 Portability

As long as you have an internet connection, cloud-based phone solutions provide full phone-system functionality from anywhere. This is quite convenient for companies with teams operating in different locations, and increases the productivity of your employees.

4 Scalability

One of the greatest benefits of a cloud-based phone system is that it’s easily scaled as the company grows. You can add extensions and numbers at any time. Cloud based VoIP offered by IT companies in Houston allows you to operate in an integrated communication system from all your computers and mobile devices.

5 Great Features

Most businesses need a solution that’s easy to use and has a low startup cost. To remain competitive they can take advantage of the sophisticated features provided by cloud VoIP. Many VoIP solutions today offer features such as automated attendants, advanced voicemail to email, and find me and follow me, just to mention a few.

6 Reliability

Components of a cloud-based phone system are not housed in the same location; most providers, therefore, have low service downtime and fewer disruptions. This decentralized setup is commonly referred to as geographic redundancy. Cloud-based VoIP providers also offer round-the-clock technical service in case you experience any problems.

Cloud-based telephony is cost effective and allows your company to deliver better and faster output. A cloud-based phone system will enable you to focus on your core activities because it’s efficient and doesn’t need maintenance. This phone system is feature-rich, flexible, offers productivity on the move, and is definitely more cost-effective.
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