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IT support San AntonioServer backups are an essential part of IT support services in San Antonio when it comes to cyber security. No matter how big or small your organization is, your data may be your most valuable asset. The problem is that traditional backup systems are unwieldy and difficult to manage. A new strategy known as Continuous Data Protection offers a more streamlined means of protecting your data.

How Continuous Data Protection Works

In the past, your backup system could not differentiate between old data and new data. Whenever you initiated a backup, the system would simply copy everything you had in every file. The more data you had, the longer this process took and the larger the hard drive space you needed to store all of the information.

With Continuous Data Protection, your system adds a preliminary step, which involves surveying files to determine whether they have been modified since the last backup date. If not, then there is no need to copy that information again. The system will focus solely on backing up new information. Your first time backing up to a continuous system will include crawling through every crack and crevice in your system to catalog information, but each following update will only include fresh information.

How Continuous Data Protection Helps You

There are a few obvious benefits to using a continuous data protection system from an IT support provider in San Antonio. First, it reduces the amount of labor required to maintain high-level cyber security. You will not have to block out an entire weekend to get the backup done since the whole process should only take a few hours. Since your new data production is likely to stay stable week after week, this system is not subject to rapid growth and expansion the way a full backup would be.

In addition, it saves you money on storage components. With fewer data to rewrite you will not need exponentially growing hard drives to handle this process. It will also help improve overall server performance by not weighing down your system with piles and piles of repeated data. The boost in performance will serve you well in day-to-day operations.

Finally, with continuous data protection, you are far less likely to have a failed backup. This means that your data is safer, and if something goes wrong, you will lose less information. Too many companies come to work the next morning only to discover that their backup failed during the night and they are left exposed.

If you have been searching for a way to improve your data protection systems without spending a fortune, Continuous Data Protection may be the answer for you. When it comes to cyber security, look for an IT support firm in San Antonio that knows the importance of efficient backups and data protection services to a business. When you switch to this style of system you will be saving time and money over traditional backup methods, and your overall IT system will function smoother than ever before. Stop spending money on giant hard drives and copies of old data. Give us a call today and see how we can help you implement a modern backup system right away.