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What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

phone systems HoustonPhone systems in Houston that utilize VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, stand to enhance a business in multiple ways. Basically, VoIP is a means of orchestrating a telephone system using whatever Internet solution an individual or company has adopted. Instead of paying for the phone and the Internet, you just pay a single monthly bill. Naturally, this changes charges on a recurring basis to something both more manageable and less expensive— in most cases. Substantial advantages of VoIP include:

  • Better phone systems for less expense
  • Consolidation of complicated infrastructure
  • Reduction of missed calls
  • Facilitation of increased integration


Phone systems in Houston that don’t use VoIP are going to be charged by the minute in many cases. Additionally, with VoIP, you can have a phone message converted to email, which saves time and provides a more cohesive record. You’re likely going to save money in maintenance as well— there are no phone lines to deal with; just the Internet, so you can consolidate that infrastructural cost. Then there’s text messaging, which isn’t possible through traditional phone systems. That’s an additional complication reduction, saving time and therefore money. Check out this handy list of cost-related advantages to get an even more comprehensive idea of VoIP-related savings.

Consolidated Infrastructure

 This has already been touched on, but deserves repeating: you don’t have to work with a separate bill between internet and phone systems, you can attain text messaging services, and maintenance can be combined with other technology regions, meaning you aren’t having to pay for two separate tech solutions.

Don’t Miss More Calls

 Have you ever heard of “Find Me/Follow Me”? Basically, if you miss a call at the office from a big client— or any client, for that matter— a VoIP system can forward the call to a home office or to a smartphone. You’ve likely been in that situation where a voicemail informs you that you missed a big commission by not being available to answer a call from a big client. You can preserve yourself and your business from that with much greater security through a VoIP solution.

Increased Integration

 Call forwarding comes standard with many VoIP solutions. Through a single mobile app that is easy to use, your employees in sales, support, or other echelons of operation which predicate regular telephone interactions can stay in contact with clients, and ensure none fall through the cracks. Additionally, there are more cohesive and accessible records of calls. When taken together, this provides for a more cohesively integrated operation which facilitates greater operational success through greater operational efficiency.

Climbing Aboard the Modernity Train

 Businesses regularly lose tens of thousands of dollars through upgrade failure. Computer systems aren’t upgraded in time, and so, infrastructure is sluggish and ineffective. Antiquated phone systems are likely costing your company in ways you don’t even realize. If you haven’t looked into a VoIP upgrade solution which consolidates, simplifies, and curtails cost, this is a sensible move.

As you seek businesses that can upgrade your phone systems in Houston, you might want to consider us at ICS Communications. We offer top-tier tech support that includes VoIP upgrade solutions in addition to a variety of other technological innovations that include cloud hosting and managed data options. Contact us today for professional tech solutions.