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They’re on every street corner, and accessories for use can be found at any convenience store. That’s right, I’m talking about the Apple products, including the Mac computer, Iphone and other related hardware.

In a world where cell phones and computers are day-to-day must haves, the Apple Corporation reigns supreme. Before the iGeneration, Apple was known for its Mac products, which are supposedly more virus/threat resistant than regular PC’s. Recent events may prove Apple a little more hacker friendly, however. According to one San Antonio managed IT service provider, over 100,000 e-mail addresses were exposed due to a hole in account activation for iPads. It was also discovered that an iPhone, when powered off and even password protected, could be cracked by connecting it to a PC running the Ubuntu Linux system.

Why the sudden hack fest, you ask? The Apple Corporation is moving at far too speedy a rate when delivering and initiating products…leaving gaps and holes in the network for hackers to find. Mac computers may be the better secured Apple product, but iDevices are the big reason Apple continues to grow at a rapid rate, and the reason that shares are up even when the market is down. So who can blame them? Apple users that have been hacked can, no doubt.

Hopefully the Apple Corporation will learn from past mistakes. Fixing security problems may be the key factor in keeping Apple fans from making the switch to devices like Blackberries or Androids, and let’s face it…we all love our iPhones.