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IT services San AntonioIT services in San Antonio offer both cloud and IoT computing solutions. IoT–the Internet of Things–is becoming a staple in the corporate world, and it’s all because of access to data. So much data is available now, and there are new and better ways to collect it. Processing this data reveals redundancies in production, as well as areas of success. It can help businesses refine distribution avenues. Previously, all data was sent through IoT devices, to the cloud, and then to your organization–until a better way was discovered.

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a means by which IoT data is sent to a nearby device like a laptop or a server, where it can be analyzed. Each IoT device in an edge computing network plays its role in computing. In that way, what you’re really seeing is sort of a cloud-on-the-cloud. The purpose is specifically geared at data transmission, but the potential is very big.

Edge computing has been compared to fog computing, but the two differ in that with fog computing, endpoints don’t play a role in the processing of data, whereas this is what defines an edge computing solution.

IT services in San Antonio can help you utilize IoT devices in just this way. Edge computing benefits businesses in way of Real or Near-Real Time Data Analysis and reduction of costs.

Application Performance Improvement

The faster you can analyze data, the more quickly you’ll be able to cut redundant costs and encourage positive action, both of which lead to profit. Operating costs diminish, and you’re able to devote your operational capital toward core production.

Applications can likewise be improved as information is collected. Sometimes too much traffic will slow an application down. Edge computing can identify what is causing the delay and help you to optimize around it.

Many Targeted Cases

One of the most compelling arguments for edge computing deals with this innovative mode of processing’s ability to zero in on a specific aspect of functionality and produce results.

Two notable examples include:

  • Dynamic Content Targeting
  • Geo-Targeting

Dynamic Content Targeting

With this case activated, you’ll be able to ensure content is directed at specific visitors. Your page views and conversions will likely increase. Edge computing can help you see a large spike in positive metrics. Text and Javascript can be designed to be program-specific. A visitor’s history, the time they checked out the site, where they are located–the list goes on. With this information, you can have more impactful prospect interactions.


The experience can be designed to meet the needs of individual visitors based on profiles pertaining to that potential customer’s location.

Adopting an edge computing solution through IT services in San Antonio apply these and other targeted cases pertaining to edge computing. By cutting out the cloud middle-man and directly aiming at what needs enhancement, you can save money and time while giving your business greater upward mobility and resources. Contact ICS today and learn how we can help improve your business technologies and communications.