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Consistent connectivity is crucial to any business’s operations. Especially for those taking advantage of the many benefits of VoIP communication, video or other real-time applications, providing stable internet to every corner of your office is a must. In addition to the many aspects of internet-based technology that ICS offers, we can also help make sure that you stay connected.

ICS now offers Aruba Wireless Access Points to bring your business consistent, high speed internet across multiple devices. These top-of-the-line access points can be either controller-managed or controllerless Aruba Instant APs depending on your needs. With 11ac speeds with a HPE Smart Rate multi-gig uplink to boost network performance, the newest line of Aruba Wave 2 APs can handle even high density business environments.

In addition, Aruba’s cutting edge network technology opens doors to harness your wireless system in a variety of ways. Overcome challenges in connectivity with technology that is designed for today’s users.

Choose from a wide variety of models, including indoor options, desk stand, wall plate, and outdoor models, as well as indoor and outdoor AP antennas.

These state-of-the-art access points are particularly useful for large office areas, those with high volume, and even for the professional working at home. Internet connection in residential settings can be even more troublesome than those in an office environment, so we can ensure that every member of your team is reliably connected.

AirMesh Outdoor Wireless Technology

Reliable wireless technology can be used across an impressive geographical scope using AirMesh outdoor systems. Using a single cable for an access point and connecting other access points to it creates the ability for large scale deployment without the need for underground cable and avoiding trenching in services.

AirMesh Technology is a great fit for:

  • Video surveillance through public safety agencies
  • Pervasive wi-fi access so that city workers and first-responders have secure and reliable connectivity across a municipality
  • Industrial operations such as the oil and gas industry, mining, and construction sites across massive geographic areas can connect remote facilities
  • Inventory tracking and loss prevention can track the location of equipment and people across the mesh
  • Large parking lots or paved areas that trenching is invasive and expensive
  • Mesh technology supports systems and networks such as traffic control, seismic detection, parking, and meter reading

Mobile First

Mobile technology is developing at lightning speeds, and Aruba’s Mobile First technology stays ahead of the needs of mobile users while harnessing this technology for your benefit. Mobile users can enjoy increased reliability and a better user experience, while you can control the security of your network while gathering valuable data regarding mobile users.

Analytics and Location Engine

Aruba analytics technology lets you turn your brick and mortar business into a valuable source of data. Learn how customers interact with your store, the most popular paths of movement, pausing points, and more. You can then implement this technology to offer your visitors a better experience and create a data-driven layout for your business which produces the most benefit for you.

With Aruba technology provided by the expert staff of ICS, a huge range of possibilities are unlocked for your business. To learn about the network that we can create for you, contact ICS today. We can schedule a personalized consultation where we review your needs and discuss unique, modern solutions.

In Conclusion

In today’s business environment, most people need a mixture of copper cabling, fiber installations and enterprise grade wireless solutions. With ICS’s cabling division and Managed IT Services you have a single company that can provide the full solution for your organization. Whether your needs are in Austin, Houston or San Antoniocontact ICS today for a quote and consultation on how we can help with your cabling and wireless needs.