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managed IT services San AntonioThere are multiple issues that you should address when establishing a backup and data recovery strategy for your company. In general, you can choose to create a do-it-yourself BDR solution or you can opt for managed IT services in San Antonio. The latter option is favored by numerous businesses, especially small enterprises, because of the potential cost reduction benefits. However, if you are interested in DIY data recovery, you should evaluate the risks of this cheap solution.

You should remember that data backup is not optional in the modern commercial setup. If you lose your business information, you stand to experience a lot of losses. In simple terms, you will need to pay an expert to attempt the recovery of the lost information. You might have to suspend your normal operations due to the losses. In addition, you could lose the customer trust if the details of the loss of critical data such as credit card information are exposed to the public.

Therefore, you cannot afford to take too many risks in relation to your business data. Here are the most critical issues that you should address before deciding on a DIY backup and recovery plan:

Evaluate the Cost Value

Compare the value of your data and the cost of securing it through correct backup procedures and suitable recovery strategies. DIY data recovery can help you reduce your expenses significantly by cutting out professional tools and labor. However, if your data’s worth is high, you will end up losing more money than you saved by opting for cheap BDR. When you choose a managed IT services provider in San Antonio, you will need to pay for the support, but you protect your business from future financial losses associated with unrecoverable data.

Understand the Risks

There are numerous problems which can cause the unexpected loss of company data and information. The common issues include accidental deletion, hacking, server malfunctions and even the damage of physical drives. All these problems cannot be fixed in the same way. DIY data recovery solutions, such as downloadable freeware, are not completely useless. They can help you recover your information in some cases such as deletion incidents. However, the programs will not be able to contend against hackers or malicious software such as crypto worms.

The Shortcomings of Free Recovery Software

It is important to understand the problems that your recovery freeware can cause during data recovery. In most cases, the software will be able to recover data from a fairly undamaged drive. However, if there is a bad sector in the storage, the freeware will ignore its contents. This means that you could lose the recoverable data in that section of the drive. Moreover, if the recovery program attempts to dig deeper into the drive, the storage could sustain permanent damage.

Managed IT services providers in San Antonio have the expertise and exceptional tools to help in the recovery of data from damaged drives without causing permanent degradation. Moreover, it is important to note that the MSP will ensure that your information is backed up correctly and protect your network from common threats. If you would like to learn more about professional BDR, consult our experienced technicians at ICS by contacting us today.