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managed IT services San AntonioIn today’s technology-driven world, it’s important to know and understand the managed IT services your San Antonio business will benefit from, one of which is managed cloud hosting. It’s a technology that many MSPs offer; it allows many computers to share and act as a single system. Data and apps from the computers can be stored in this system that it becomes more like a common data center for many businesses.

Here are some benefits of utilizing managed cloud hosting for your business:

 Increased Resources Leading To Increased Speed

Hosting your business data in the cloud brings a lot of resources at your disposal. This means that retrieving huge data from the cloud is quicker and more efficient than doing the same from most data warehouses and centers. The effect of this is that you will be able to serve your customers better, as well as make record-keeping easy.

 Reduces the Overhead Cost

Hosting data in the cloud is a sure way of cutting on your capital and overhead cost by a huge margin. Unlike in-house managed hosting where you are required to hire a qualified IT staff, cloud hosting is done by an IT service provider. Besides that, you will not have to invest in purchasing servers that, in most cases, become too costly to maintain.

Statistics show that some companies have managed to reduce their capital expenditure by half and their running cost by a third just by moving their data to the cloud. Macmillan India is an example of such companies.

High Availability and Strong Security

Managed cloud hosting services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no downtime. This is because cloud service providers have strong backup systems that they switch to in case there is a system failure, unlike in in-house managed hosting where a system failure can stall business at your premise.

In terms of data security, cloud service providers have strong structures in place that protect the data stored in the cloud. In this era of cybercrimes, hosting data in the cloud could be safer than in your own data center. After all, securing data is one of the key reasons you source for managed IT services in San Antonio.

Easy To Customize

Managed cloud hosting is flexible enough to accommodate your need for customization, the size of your business notwithstanding. This becomes more sensible if your sales change seasonally, bringing the need to adjust your scales either upwards or downwards.

At ICS Communications, we offer flat fee managed IT services in San Antonio. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with managed cloud hosting and other IT solutions.