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Maximizing Your Effectiveness in Business

IT support HoustonIT support in Houston will likely be a necessary component of your operations at some point. Whether you need consultation, repair, upgrade, maintenance, or some combination of these things, eventually, you will need to contact an MSP. There are different kinds of MSPs out there: big ones, small ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, dishonest ones, and honest ones. You’ve got to be careful what kind you sign on the dotted line with. However, if you do your homework and choose the right agency, you can see some substantial benefits, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Liberated resources
  • Core operational focus facilitation
  • Shared responsibilities and risks
  • Cutting-edge tech access
  • Full-time IT for part-time costs

Liberated Resources

 If you’re sourcing your IT support internally, then they’re going to have to maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot, acquire, replace, and store all your IT equipment. That doesn’t leave much time for optimization, development, or expansion, does it? Meanwhile, with an outsourced IT provider, you can let them handle the grunt-work and keep your internal people working on streamlining your brand.

Core Focus 

When you’re not spending money in a support sense, what you save can be used to underwrite internal technicians working toward greater advancement. Your focus shifts from treading water (technologically speaking) to crossing the channel toward sustainability.

Shared Risks and Responsibilities

IT support in Houston will actually be partially liable, in a legal sense, for certain things your business does. Consider HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996: this is a family of codes and policies designating how medical institution must treat their employees. If a healthcare facility is out of compliance with HIPAA, then the IT service provider they’re working with is additionally liable for the healthcare facility’s lack of compliance. When your business gets involved with an MSP, in many ways they have a shared responsibility— and risk— with you. This means they have an inbuilt prerogative to give you the best services. This relationship is called shared liability.

Cutting-Edge Tech Access

It is the prerogative of MSPs— or it should be with the right ones— to have the latest in technological solutions continuously available. Think of an MSP like a surfer grinding down the halfpipe of a 100-foot technology wave; or better yet, think of the MSP as the jet-ski which drags the surfer out there. Shared liability allows the surfing business to focus on surfing, not getting to the profitability waves. Resources are liberated during the journey and both the jet-ski operator and surfer share the same fate if one should mess up. Now, the MSP jet-ski has more tech that allows it to jump in out and over the waves quicker, but your business is the sponsored surfer. The better the jet-ski, the better the surfer. You’ll have better tech access with a solid MSP, so should you paddle your business to the big waves.

Full-Time IT at Part-Time Costs

 IT support in Houston through ICS Communications can give you cutting edge tech access, share the risks and responsibilities of your business, increase your ability to focus on core operational parameters, and liberate resources. This is all done for a cost substantially less than that of maintaining your own internal IT division. Contact us for top-tier, brand-expanding solutions.