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What is WLAN? 

IT support San AntonioWireless Local Access Network (WLAN) is a fancy way of describing a Wi-Fi solution for a given business. IT support in San Antonio can help design and implement such networks for a variety of clients. Doing so results in some tangible benefits worth considering, five of which include:

  • Decreased friction in business
  • Better user experience
  • Expansive scalability
  • Exceptional security
  • Total visibility

Decreased Friction in Business 

With a properly managed WLAN solution, connectivity issues practically evaporate. Think of it like a turnkey business. With a turnkey operation, you buy the business, receive a key, and have a new lucrative enterprise. All you have to do is keep the ball rolling. With something you design yourself, you’ve got to start the ball rolling, and that’s more energy-intensive. Using a Wi-Fi network through a WLAN solution facilitated by a tech agency basically puts connectivity in your pocket and all you do is sign the check. Do it internally and you’ll have to regularly rely on a technician who will likely become part of your staff. This will cost more and take longer. In a word, it will require more friction. With WLAN, access is hassle-free, and internal staff won’t deal with downtime issues or user connectivity difficulties across the company like before. The IT support in San Antonio you’ve used for the WLAN handles all that.

Better User Experience 

Guests at your company, those visiting, and regular employees will have an easier time accessing the network through an outsourced Wi-Fi solution. Easy access can be attained in minutes, and security remains effective. Especially when you consider smartphones, laptops, and other Internet-enabled mobile devices increasingly define the corporate atmosphere, ease of movement throughout an area is very fundamental to streamlined operations.

Expansive Scalability 

If you’ve got an increase in your business’s personnel, the addition of another department, or something else which results from positive outward growth, you’re going to need a network which expands with you. Though this can be done internally, it’s often more expensive and less effective. Meanwhile, an MSP providing WLAN solutions only has to add an additional node to help match the increased network needs of your business.

Exceptional Security 

If you go the managed WLAN route, you’ll be able to tier security in a way that increases its effectiveness. Users can be tracked automatically. All devices, wireless or otherwise, can be monitored for intrusion. A managed services solution will generally do a better job preventing security breaches than an internal solution, and for several reasons. They’ve got more experience with diverse clients, greater resources, and an inbuilt professional prerogative to retain you as a client.

Total Visibility 

A completely managed WLAN using cloud-based solutions can provide businesses a dashboard to monitor the network’s infrastructure. Control at the user and application level can be facilitated and managers can control the usage of Wi-Fi via app category, allowing for expedient decisions pertaining to things like regular reporting needs.

Upgrading Your Business 

IT support in San Antonio through ICS can increase your business’s ability to scale outward visibly and securely through a WLAN network which facilitates ease of operations and an enhanced user experience across the board. Contact us to optimize your Wi-Fi network.