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IT companies HoustonIT companies in Houston offer two-factor authentication services. A two-factor authentication service adds another layer of protection against cyber threats and is more secure than simply using a password. In addition to a password, two-factor authentication also requires a PIN, which is received via text message or email. Some companies require a fingerprint as the second identification factor, but that’s not as common. An IT provider can set up two-factor authentication for your company and ensure every employee remains in compliance. Here are three benefits of using two-factor authentication:

Improve Security

The main selling point for two-factor authentication services is the significant boost to individual employee security. A password can easily be hacked. Two-factor authentication makes it much more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to confidential data. For example, even if a hacker gains access to the password, they will still be unable to access the device because they do not have the unique PIN for each login attempt. Multiple failed login attempts will immediately alert the company and the account can be remotely locked until an expert investigates the issue and determines everything is safe.

Better Flexibility

IT companies in Houston enhance business’ cybersecurity and improve employees experience with two-factor authentication. Instead of only being able to access work files in the office, an employee can work from any location with their own personal devices configured to use two-factor authentication. Ultimately, this increase in flexibility makes each employee more accessible and productive, which is a win-win situation for the employee and your organization.

Fewer Complications

An often-overlooked benefit of two-factor authentications is that it makes it easier for users to reset their passwords without any technical assistance. For example, instead of contacting IT support for a password reset, an employee can change their passwords in a secure manner with the help of two-factor authentication. Ultimately, this saves time and enables employees to continue working without being frustrated by numerous technical difficulties.

Two-factor authentication is a beneficial service provided by IT companies in Houston as it offers an additional layer of protection against hackers and other serious cyber threats. ICS is an IT provider focused on cybersecurity and enabling businesses to understand the many benefits of using technology. We understand that cyber threats continue to evolve, so it is critical to have access to the best technology to avoid costly damage and data loss. Our IT staff is always available to answer any questions and will also provide around-the-clock support for all of your IT needs. Contact us now if you would like to learn more about two-factor authentication. We will be happy to discuss our security services and other offerings in detail.