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managed IT services San AntonioWhen you consider how useful VoIP can be, it should be a simple decision to work with a managed IT services provider in San Antonio to update your phone systems. VoIP is a way of communicating using phone lines over the internet, and it is economical enough to be able to be used by even the smallest of companies. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to take advantage of all these benefits:

Extra Features

Traditional phone systems in San Antonio do the job they were designed to do, but are invariably old-fashioned. They can probably handle the usual array of video calls, conference calling, caller display, call hold, call forwarding features, but VoIP really comes into its own with the extra things it can do. For example, it can transcribe your voicemail messages and send them to you as an SMS, and it even copes with older technology, as it will allow you to accept and send faxes without the inconvenience of paper, ink, and toner.


Just having phones lines is great. But with companies that are expanding quickly or taking on temporary staff, the number of phone lines required at any one time can vary considerably. With VoIP, you have the ultimate in flexibility. Lines can be added or removed as quickly as the flick of a switch, which also means you will never be paying for more than you actually need.

Cost Savings

When your phone lines are replaced by a managed IT services provider in San Antonio, not only will you and your staff be able to use VoIP’s many features from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, but you will be saving money, as well. The original installation is much cheaper than with a traditional set of phone lines, as it is purely a case of configuring your infrastructure to manage VoIP. Local and long-distance calls will be cheaper, and because your employees can use their phones wherever they are, it has the added benefit of increasing their productivity, as well. It also has the advantage of improving time management, as there is no effort concerned with transferring services and numbers for new phones or when staff move location; it is infinitely mobile and flexible.

You may not have realized that VoIP could revolutionize the way your company does business. But with the help of a managed IT services provider in San Antonio, your phone service can be updated to give you all these benefits and more. Contact us at ICS to see how we can help bring your phone system into the 21st century.