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IT companies in HoustonOne of the worst flu seasons in history is coming to a close. If you escaped the flu, you are not out of the woods yet! Digital viruses are in full swing. The sad truth is many IT companies in Houston are not properly equipped to handle this threat. Digital viruses can damage your company’s IT infrastructure, bring your operations to a grinding halt and negatively impact the bottom line. In fact, digital viruses have never been more dangerous. If your business does not take the proper precautions to protect your network and computer hardware, you will be susceptible to attacks that have the potential to undermine your business.

The Nuts and Bolts of Digital Viruses

Digital viruses are best described as programs that infect computers and replicate with the aim of spreading across the network. Viruses replicate by connecting to executable files that are part of necessary applications. Once the user starts up the program, the virus is activated and corrupts/modifies files on the machine. The virus spreads to additional applications across the network. Viruses also have the potential to spread through removable media, be it in the form of shared USB drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Common Virus Types

Trojans are some of the nastiest digital viruses out there. This malicious program conceals itself as a seemingly legitimate application. The user launches a computer program, assuming it will perform the intended function. The Trojan allows the invader to enjoy unauthorized access to the target’s computer as soon as the affected program is launched.

Scareware is a form of malware that relies on scare tactics to force users to subject their computer to harmful software like phony anti-virus software or virus removal programs. Botnets are a string of computers connected to one another in order to complete tasks. Botnets are not inherently malicious, yet they certainly pose a threat to your business. Botnets obtain access to the target’s computer by way of manual hacking or through software programs that scan the web for security flaws. Some Botnets rely on Trojan horses to gain access to a target’s machine. Once on the computer, this nasty combination of viruses will pilfer valuable data, confidential information, and limit usability.

How to Maintain a Safe IT Environment

One of the most important actions you can take to preserve the safety of your IT environment is to update your anti-virus programs. The top IT companies in Houston are willing to help clients combat viruses by deploying programs that scan networks for malware. The miscreants who generate malware are constantly seeking ways to access business environments. There is a never-ending race between these hackers and the tech gurus at anti-virus software providers to find system vulnerabilities. Those who work at anti-virus software companies periodically release patches to enhance computer protection. Such patches should be downloaded as soon as they are made available. You need the latest version of all security programs to thwart these ever-evolving digital threats.

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