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Cloud Computing

Compete With The Major Players Using Cloud Computing

One thing that has changed in the last few years is technology. Today’s technology-driven world expects the best and fastest internet, computers, networks and servers. In the past, it was impossible for a small business to afford most of it.

The cloud has changed all that. Nowadays, the smallest companies can afford cloud technology and once they have it, they can compete with much larger businesses.

You don’t need millions of dollars to build physical retail locations anymore. All those old barriers to market entry disappear when you have the cloud. But there are other breakthroughs for today’s small businesses as well.

In the old days, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars creating a top-notch IT infrastructure in order to compete with larger companies. You’d have to hire experienced IT people, purchase expensive software licenses. The cost of servers, computers, software and labor was just too much for a new start-up.

All those high costs made having an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure out of reach for most small firms. However, these days small firms can join in and benefit from the massive combined IT infrastructure available in the cloud.

There are so many ways that the cloud enables small firms to compete on a level playing field.

For one thing, no matter how little you think you’ll use technology, there are too many processes that rely on it to get business done each day. That means large capital expenses. If a system fails, you’ll quickly realize how much you use technology in day-to-day operations. If your systems are down for even one day, you can lose thousands of dollars. So what’s the answer? Mirrored servers and other redundant hardware.

The second thing is that small businesses experience cyclical sales peaks. During certain seasons, you’ll need all hands on deck. At other times, you may benefit by cutting back on your use of technology. Scaling up and down used to be expensive, but the cloud makes it easy.

Third, there’s the cost of labor. The average salary for an IT specialist is around $60,000 per year. You may need several IT people even in a smaller company. And they don’t work around the clock. What if you run second and third shifts and need IT support at midnight? That will be expensive. In short, the traditional IT model doesn’t work well for a small firm.

But all those obstacles are a thing of the past. Today, even a small start-up can compete by having a redundant IT infrastructure, 24/7 support, easy upgrades, the ability to scale up or down when necessary and so much more.

With cloud technology and managed IT support, you can forget about barriers and obstacles. The monthly costs are predictable and budget-friendly.

Isn’t it time to explore all the options that cloud technology offer? Are you ready to become a major player in your industry?

Move Up To The Big Leagues with Cloud Computing


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