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IT support San AntonioChoosing to use IT support in San Antonio offers many benefits for small to midsize businesses, which include receiving state-of-the-art protection from a wide variety of threats. The IT world is constantly evolving, and new threats emerge on a daily basis. According to a report from the Ponemon Institute, 61% of small to midsize businesses suffered from a cyberattack within the last year and 54% experienced a data breach. These numbers are only expected to grow in the future, as these cyber threats become even more sophisticated. However, partnering with an IT provider can help reduce these external threats and keep your business well-protected. Here are three of the most common threats and the best ways an IT provider can counteract these attacks:

Cyber Criminals

Hackers use a wide variety of attacks to gain valuable information from businesses, whether it is through ransomware, phishing or malware attacks. These threats will only continue to grow, but an IT provider can help minimize the risk of these schemes by providing frequent security updates and offering around-the-clock monitoring services. A managed service provider can also offer additional training sessions for employees to help further educate them on the dangers of these cyber threats and the best ways to identify them before it is too late.

Outdated Technology

One of the primary advantages of using IT support in San Antonio is that it will enable your organization to gain access to the latest technology available. On the other hand, companies that use outdated technology are at high risk of becoming a victim of a cyberattack or even hardware failure. However, an IT provider will continually update their services to ensure that your business is using state-of-the-art equipment. Ultimately, the use of new technology will significantly increase security, improve efficiency and make everyone’s job that much easier.

Careless Employees

The vast majority of data breaches do not result from cyberattacks, but mistakes committed by employees. For example, many passwords are not secure and can be easily guessed. Many employees will also download attachments in an email from an unknown source without thinking about the possible consequences. Fortunately, partnering with an IT provider can help reduce these mistakes by educating employees on the importance of always being vigilant and avoiding committing common errors. A managed service provider will also ensure that each employee remains in compliance with company policies at all times.

The use of IT support in San Antonio can keep your company well-protected from cyber criminals and provide additional education for each employee. Gaining access to state-of-the-art technology will minimize downtime and ensure that your company is operating at an efficient level. ICS is a managed service provider that focuses on keeping businesses safe and secure from the wide variety of internal and external threats. Our IT staff members are always available to provide additional support and will be happy to answer technical questions. If you wish to learn more about cybersecurity, feel free to contact us and we can set up a meeting to discuss the many advantages of using an IT provider in the workplace.