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When Was The Last Time You Got A Second Opinion On Your Technology Spend?

It’s common practice to get a second opinion from time to time, right?

Regardless of how trustworthy your doctor, lawyer, or given business vendor may be, it’s simply the wise move to double-check their recommendations and their prices with another reliable source.

ICS makes it easy to extend this prudent business practice to all IT related expenses by providing multiple quotes from multiple vendors regarding almost any technology spend you may have through our Intelisys partnership.

 A Second Opinion On Your Technology Spend
What You Could Save On Your Technology Spend

Find Out What You Could Save On Your Technology Spend

Our specialty is helping clients discover hidden opportunities to lower expenses and boost ROI:

  • ICS will analyze your invoices for IT-based services such as Internet, MPLS, SD-WAN, hosted VoIP, 1-800 calling, and just about any other technology spend you have.
  • We will provide up to three quotes from different providers to demonstrate available options.
  • ICS can identify opportunities for reduction and consolidation between bills into a single service.
  • It is not all about cost either. ICS can provide pricing based on speed, redundancy and fiber availability to ensure you are getting the product that best fits your needs.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Rate For Your IT Services

The ICS team has access to all major and regional carriers in the area, allowing us to provide multiple quotes and solutions for customers. Whether you want to reduce your costs, simplify your vendor list or increase reliability/speeds, we can help you do so. Even after the fact, if you need assistance migrating to the new service, we will manage that for you as well.

Want to find out how much you could save on your technology spend?
Get in touch with the ICS team to have your bills analyzed.

Get a Second Opinion