What Is Identity Risk To Young Adults

Online Privacy Young Adults

For those involved with IT strategic planning and business development, I am proposing for planning purposes, that there are no real risks or exposure issues for identity theft with young adults.   With the involvement of smart professionals, I would see high-level business strategy consultants getting together with IT professionals and confirming some strong priorities for technology’s best.  Those altruistic strategy IT consultants could possibly agree, “There can not be any risks with gaming, social media sites, and shopping areas for young adults.”   How did professionals make sure of this for young adults and how did Information Technology adopt a better way for everyone?  Could it simply be a few informational resources out there that become as popular as the trend to sign in and utilize that appreciated website?   Prepare even better designs for it all and the best plans for young adults can benefit everyone.  That is technology’s smartest for best design practices and IT’s way of shouting out with the best planning for success.  Leveraging technology to provide higher levels of customer satisfaction is smart planning for customer referrals.  Working closely with a managed IT support providers through this is the smartest choice for business planning and overall customer satisfaction.

What Are Some Technology Solutions IT Support Providers Should Know to Help With Business Planning for Customers?

Consumers might find it helpful to understand the point about technology having fairly recent innovation plans such as social media offerings.   The new technology innovations are appealing to large markets and even span an international audience.  With the new technology offerings, there are additional solutions being developed to enhance the technology advancements.  This could include improved user interfaces, which is what we see as we get to the website and what we are offered as we utilize the website’s interfaces.  The technology solutions are also rolling out additional ways to protect personal data and support young adults with their plans to utilize the Internet and benefit from companies’ website offerings.   The following are some proposed plans and IT solutions to consider:

  • A simple suggestion can be utilized for the interfaces with websites, including commonly used social media sites.   Protect your personal data and instead develop other user name selections.  Also, design a private password information management plan that is updated regularly.
  • Password suggestions should smartly include tips for privacy and personal data protection.
  • The registration process is simplified without any request for certain personal data such as birthdate, age, or social security numbers.
  • Do not transfer SSNs or credit card information with any non-secured social media app or text.
  • Use dual authentication when possible to verify login information and registration with a company’s website.  Dual authentication will include the process of a company sending a code to the user with an entry requested on the website for the code or information that was supplied.

Commonly used websites for young adults should be applauded for appropriate authentication processes and polite user interfaces.  Data capture should be a consideration and privacy of personal data should be understood for users and those designing graphical user interfaces.  Databases and customer entries with websites are now being researched for user strategies that best protect personal data.   Best practices with the technology advancements can include the best managed IT support.  For communicating this innovation, technology support teams and experts are thanked.

Appreciating Young Adults and Technology’s Advancements

Many smart and educated technology experts understand that our young adults are also thanked often for the numerous technology advancements.  New amazing uses of the Internet and better ways of communicating with others are a few examples of technology’s success.   Many of our innovations have come from younger adults with the planning to provide some of the most incredible technology advancements.  As an example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at the age of 19.    According to Forbes, “In April 2018, he (CEO Mark Zuckerberg) testified before Congress after it was revealed that Facebook shared user data with political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.  Zuckerberg said his priority in 2019 is tackling social issues.”

Recreational websites include social media, gaming, and chatting boards or forums.   Password protection is a priority for everyone and personal data should always be smartly utilized with security planning.   Young adults should not be exposed to any issues with the best of the Internet, but they should also understand the security protection for their credit data and protected personal information.  There are benefits as young adults understand to refrain from sharing too much personal information such as SSNs, birth dates, and age.  Protection of personal data is beneficial and smart.   It’s that simple.

Login data should be kept private and not include personal information when technology offers other solutions.  User names should enable the user to come up with data that is not personal and not traceable to any protected information, such as birth dates, SSNs, or real names.   Making personal information ‘required’ or ‘optional’ is scorned and not a comprehensive plan for those websites that should instead have appropriate planning for customer protection.   Those fostering better communication for customers might consider adding some information to data forms when user information is being requested for website access, registration processes, and newsletter or other free offers are being provided.   Even email and password recaptures or changes should be considered for best practices with technology’s advancement to protect personal information.  The best  plan is to design a  better way and protect personal data while having a smart recording process for website access retrieval.

How Can Managed IT Service Providers Help Businesses Align With Technology Best Practices?

Understanding the importance of user interfaces is a smart plan.  Programmers and those technology professionals that understand the graphical user interfaces are smart to know technology in such an in-depth way.  Coding for the website login and registration should support privacy protection for the users.  An experienced IT team can also evaluate how the data for registered users gets to the data storage part of the process.  With data storage, smart IT professionals can best plan for requested entries with each user.  There are additional opportunities with promotions and marketing as the technology experts map out this process, while verifying the appropriate plans for privacy protection.  Data storage should be protected and verified as secured on a routine basis.

An experienced IT service provider can work in a collaborative way with any IT teams, business leaders, and even the programmers involved with design interfaces.  Common objectives should be communicated with security plans for user information. The optional text field with a graphical user interface is one of the technology solutions for best practices to protect young adults from identity theft.   An interesting plan for communication with customers and users of website interfaces:  Personal data is not required and planning for protection of personal information is your responsibility and ours.   One of the main points here is to make sure your technology experts are considered as a target market for improved levels of satisfaction.   Creative options for payment improvements include continued education with certifications and completed community improvement projects.  The sales leads with marketing promotions only help verify good people skills with smart plans for a significant amount of new business.

An example of a strong managed IT service provider is ICS.  Founded in 1981, ICS provides high quality managed IT, data and voice technology solutions, VoIP phone systems, IT services, and video surveillance solutions for clients.  The company’s nationwide network allows them to support customers internationally.   Find out more about ICS Total Care for fully comprehensive technological solutions.

Encourage More Education for Understanding the Benefits of Credit Protection

Can it really be that gentle where young adults are educated early in an appropriate way and there are never any identity risks?  The strong answer is yes, with some good work together and IT experts as good leaders with education research and reporting.  It is not just the financial tools but the education with it that makes sense as an impressive technology offering.  With an educated society of higher income consumers and youth, the opportunities for complete comfortableness are available to us all.

Personal data and credit protection should be communicated as priorities.  Borrowing power has to be protected.  This priority is able to be an international standard if the regional groups collaborate for proper optional solutions for their populations.  Some get happier with loans, such as the traditional mortgage loan, and the financial success just requires an educated planning process.  Some people plan to get richer with loans and borrowing power, which may easily be provided with some simple resources.  Can the youth work this highly appreciated type of education into their busy work throughout the day?   The tools should be an enhancement with benefits clearly outlined.  The available tools could be designed smartly for young adults if any of the education is truly being provided to benefit them.   The benefits must be understood if there are thousands or millions of reasons to focus on good work as they get involved with the educational resources.  In dollar amounts of financial success for a young adult, the early planning stages could be the smartest for all the best of comfortabillity.

What is Personal Information Management?

People in the U.S. are a step up as they have a social security card and know where it is located.  Any application for employment that requires this should explain why and verify the importance of confidentiality of information.  Consumer protection includes the requirement for a social security card to be protected with privacy rights.  The information such as the social security number is disallowed to be shared other than the purposeful plan of showing the card or providing the information.

Technology’s Recreation Offerings With Planned Protection

Online tools such as social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are important to consider with planned protection.  Young adults might especially understand the importance of this tip when it comes to identity protection, personal data information security, and optimized technology tools.   Computer speed is another consideration for gaming and recreational or professional websites that require identification information.  Optimized computers and quality (including an affordable requirement) high-speed network connections are frequently the objectives of consumers and businesses.   Technology’s best is to make sure websites never hurt anyone or anything.

Online Tools for Success and Financial Happiness

We have education at our fingertips with accessible access to online tools for financial understanding.  How does this translate for young adults and what are the benefits?  How do the tools offer a way to better prepare our youth for income success, large sums of money for comfortability, and overall financial happiness?

There are several types of asset protections:

  • Property Asset Protection
  • Personal Belongings as Protected assets
  • Investments as Protected Asset holdings
  • Liquid Assets and Investment strategies
  • Personal Data

Property investments include real estate investments and homes as a place of residence.   Smart preparations are available for young adults to plan for homeowner opportunities such as a property purchase.   Effective planning can provide the opportunity earlier for any dedicated young people interested in the beauty and benefits of ownership for a home of their own.  Identity theft is stopped as more young people know the benefits of personal data protection.

Online Education is the Best for Offering Financial Tools for Financial Success

Types of education that are easily accessible for young adults include online resources and kits for financial success.  Books and resources are excellent resources and summarized content is one of the best answers for our busy youth.  Websites and financial tools are complimented with Internet Forums and designs for polite conversations between interested over-achievers and young adults.  Financial success is a smart focus for IT professionals and one of the best areas of focus for clients.  This is more than just checking and savings accounts with credit card suggested usages.  The best technology solutions also include personal data protection that supports protected buying power, comfortability, and user satisfactions.

Appreciating assets also include personal data that is protected.   Buying power is improving with advancements for the current credit system, homeowner opportunities, availability of loan provider best practices, and improved politeness with applicability of any scoring systems for any personally protected data and information.

What is identity risk to young adults?

The answer to this question is strongly a shout out, “Disallowed and completely disallowed.”  ‘Quick to market’ strategies have made technology advancements celebrated gifts to individuals and businesses everywhere.  Now technology innovations are loud to shout for a politeness with best practices for comfortableness and security planning.  The continued focus and educational resources should be directed to higher levels of customer satisfaction.  This truly pure motive is appreciated with the best communication for the staff and clients.  IT can help a business become more profitable with that lengthy client list that supports successful business, and provides the profits with impressive appreciation for the service or product offerings.

Grow Your Small Biz With Cloud Technology

Cloud Technologies

Can You Build New Revenue Streams With The Cloud? You Bet!

Today, you’ll find technology to support any type of business concept but it comes with a huge price tag. There are large capital expenditures, expensive fixed-labor costs, and the cost of upgrades.

Is there a way around all these expensive headaches? Yes! The answer can be found in the cloud. With cloud technology, you pay one fixed monthly fee for access to all the hardware and software resources you need.

You can scale up or down as needed. You’ll always have the newest hardware and software for the same monthly cost. Add to that 24/7 support and services to minimize downtime.

Imagine the cost of building and supporting a traditional IT infrastructure. In the past, this was out of the question for small businesses and start-ups. If you have a new company that’s just getting off the ground, every dollar counts. You can’t afford to waste a single penny.

With the cloud, all those IT expenses can be controlled. Let’s look at the ways.

OpEx versus CapEx: Capital Expenditures (CapEx) are paid for up front and you’ll see a gradual return over the following months and years. Operating Expenses (OpEx) are pay-as-you-go costs. OpEx can be written off as a business expense each month.

Disaster recovery: With the increase in natural disasters, you must have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Small businesses that handle their IT infrastructure in-house are often lacking in this area. They aren’t prepared when a disaster does strike. Some businesses never do fully recover. You need a strong business continuity plan so that even if the worst happens, you can get back up and running in no time. The cloud gives you a reliable data backup system, redundancy and the ability to restore your files, applications, programs, operating systems, settings, and more when necessary.

Labor: You have to provide equitable salaries, vacation time, paid holidays and more for regular full-time employees. You might spend months getting someone trained for your IT department only to have them quit without notice. These are headaches that most business owners wish they could avoid.

Even if you have minimal in-house support, emergency on-call break/fix services are expensive, and cannot always respond fast enough to eliminate downtime. With the cloud, the labor and support for your infrastructure is included in your monthly fee. You can say good-bye to unexpected IT costs. If you have a small in-house IT team, they can focus on strategic IT planning for the future to boost profits and create growth opportunities.

Additional cloud benefits: There are lots of small advantages that people don’t consider right away such as a reduction in required office space. The energy to power servers can be enormous. You must keep the server room cooler to boot. That means your electric bill will go down. You’ll have one less group of employees to worry about.

There’s a whole lot more! Moving to the cloud can take a lot of worries off your plate so you can focus on running your company and building new revenue streams. If you’re ready to learn more, we’re available to answer questions. Simply give us a call!


Jason Simons, Vice President
ICS- IT, Voice, Video
sales@ics-com.net Direct: 1-866-427-4722


Is Your IT Support Leaving You Struggling?

You count on your IT provider to keep your firm’s technology functional – so what happens when they’re not as reliable as they should be?


Law Firm Computer Support

It’s becoming more and more common for law firms to turn to outsourced IT support, either from a break/fix IT contractor or from a Managed IT Provider. Those that partner with a Managed IT Provider enter into that agreement with high expectations. The right provider will work hard to ensure that your technology is constantly operating at peak performance, and tackling issues while they are still just potential issues, eliminating excessive periods of downtime and lost productivity. Unfortunately, in spite of best efforts, issues will inevitably arise.

This is why it’s so important to choose the right IT provider. Outsourcing your firm’s IT support shouldn’t mean lowering your expectations or accepting lackluster services and support. A Managed IT Provider can give you all the benefits of an in-house IT department without the hassle or added financial burden of extra staff. And it should go without saying that they should be available to help with any issue or concern exactly when you need them to.

How Can I Tell If My IT Support Isn’t Meeting My Needs?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your services calls almost always go straight to voicemail, and it tends to require multiple messages or follow up calls to finally get a technician to address your issue.
  • Your provider doesn’t offer after-hours service calls, or charges you a hefty fee to handle a call outside of business hours.
  • Even minor problems require an onsite visit due to a lack of remote support options.
  • You never have the same technician come to your office twice, and find yourself having to answer the same basic questions about your technology over and over again.
  • You can’t remember the last time your network security was checked for vulnerabilities.
  • You can’t remember the last time your data backups and business continuity plan were tested.

If the answer is yes, odds are your current provider isn’t living up to expectations.

Why Should I Expect My Firm To Have Better Luck With Another Outsourced Provider?

Not all Managed IT Providers are alike. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit for your firm, and making sure they not only have the expertise you need, but will live up to the promises they make to your team. This includes everything from hands-on support for everything from network security and maintenance, to implementing backup and disaster recovery plans.

Also, choosing to work with a team of legal IT experts like ICS can make a big difference. By staying on top of the latest advancements and trends in the legal field, we can make recommendations that allow you to increase productivity and make the most of your firm’ technology. If issues arise, you can count on our staff to respond quickly and efficiently to keep your downtime to a minimum, and to fix the problem correctly the first time.

Considering shopping around for a legal IT provider? Contact the legal IT experts at ICS to schedule your complimentary assessment, and let us get to know your firm while you get to know us and benefit from some added insight into your current technology.

Outsourcing Isn’t A Dirty Word

Businesses today have so many mundane tasks that must be completed by their in-house IT staff. They stay busy trying to keep your technology running smoothly.

Why Not Let Managed Services Prevent Your Staff From Feeling Overwhelmed?

IT Outsourcing In San Antonio

Businesses today have so many mundane tasks that must be completed by their in-house IT staff. They stay busy trying to keep your technology running smoothly. If a special project comes up, they can easily get overwhelmed. Why not free up your in-house IT support so they can focus on bigger issues? It’s possible with managed services.

According to the research group Gartner, over 65% of IT budgets go towards tasks that do nothing more than keep the lights on. You’re investing money that isn’t improving operations and efficiency or enhancing security.

Regular system maintenance tasks can be performed by the MSP, while in-house IT can focus on processes that will drive down costs or increase revenue. Your IT department will benefit from many other managed services like:

  • Disaster recovery/business continuity solutions
  • Security audits/updates
  • Remote monitoring
  • End user help desk
  • Proactive management
  • 24/7 network operations center

With these services, your in-house staff can get to work on more meaningful jobs that will create value for your company. You can remove the burden of those daily routine chores that never seem to end. Plus, you’ll have access to a professional MSP ticketing and monitoring system, so when system issues come up, you can count on getting the help you need in a timely manner.

Your business will greatly benefit from having a 24/7 Network Operations Center that identifies and addresses system issues before they become business disrupting problems. When you have those daily problems like malfunctioning computers, this can be handled by the MSP’s help desk.

Focus On Your Priorities

When you work with a managed services company, your in-house team can count on getting help with projects that seem overwhelming. Your MSP partner can perform a network assessment or evaluate the overall performance of your current IT infrastructure. It’s so helpful to get an unbiased professional opinion on the health of your IT network.

Your managed service provider might recommend products and services that could greatly benefit your business operations. Evaluations like this help your internal IT people determine what system oversight and future planning they should be doing.

Fewer IT problems can greatly enhance your overall production. Your staff can get more done each day without the frustrations that come with irritating system failures at inopportune moments.

Reducing Human Error

A high percentage of expensive security breaches are the result of human error. This is often because IT employees are stretched too thin and overlook vital security measures, such as applying tested security patches or updating anti-virus software programs.

Working with a MSP will eliminate much of the work overload that often leads to system or security vulnerabilities. Systems can be backed up in the cloud for an immediate system restore if needed. Many of the issues that become costly business interruptions, such as downtime-inducing hardware, software, and application failures are completely preventable if they are detected early and addressed promptly.

Bottom Line

Smaller firms have a few hard-working IT employees who deal with way too many responsibilities. And the majority of their duties are mundane and routine. Why not free up these employees so they can find new ways to increase efficiency, drive business revenues and innovate? Your IT staff deserves a break and they can become a much more valuable resource when they don’t have to put out so many daily fires.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are being used by businesses everywhere to cost-effectively manage, service, and support their IT processes. They’re a great alternative to hiring additional in-house staff.

Today’s smart business owners use this hybrid approach to IT that gives them the best of both worlds. Your in-house IT staff can work hand-in-hand with a managed services company to help your business achieve a greater return on your investment. And, your people won’t feel overwhelmed anymore about their daily responsibilities. They’ll have the support they need to do a better job.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services in San Antonio


IT services San AntonioIn today’s technologically-driven world, businesses of all sizes need an effective IT solution. The first option is to hire an IT staff and keep operations in-house. The second option is outsourcing to an IT services provider in San Antonio. With all things considered, outsourcing is a better choice for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Continue reading “Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services in San Antonio”

The Value of Outsourcing Managed Security to IT Services Providers in San Antonio


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Advantages of Growing Your Business with the Help of an IT Services Provider in San Antonio


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IT Services in San Antonio: 5 Ways to Improve Your Data Security


IT services San AntonioData breaches are increasingly more prevalent in today’s business landscape, and businesses are consulting with IT services providers in San Antonio to improve their cyber defenses. Implementing advanced cybersecurity strategies improves the chances of detecting and preventing threats which paralyze IT infrastructure, encrypting malware, for example.

Here are five ways on how to improve your cybersecurity defenses: Continue reading “IT Services in San Antonio: 5 Ways to Improve Your Data Security”

Using IT Services in San Antonio Is Key to Business Success


IT services San AntonioWhat happens when one of your PCs or servers goes down? If you can’t get it up and running quickly, one or more of your employees is going to struggle to be productive, which will hurt the business. If it’s down long-term, it could even cripple the company. Using IT services in San Antonio can solve that problem. Continue reading “Using IT Services in San Antonio Is Key to Business Success”

Improve Data Management with IT Services in San Antonio


IT services San AntonioData management is essential for a wide range of businesses, and using IT services in San Antonio can help ensure that your company remains in compliance with the most recent regulations in your industry. An IT provider will ensure that your employees always follow protocols and that you have access to the latest technology available. Here are just a few examples of how an IT provider can play a significant role in data management for different industries: Continue reading “Improve Data Management with IT Services in San Antonio”