•   Jason Simons
  •   Feb 28, 2017


Why Do We Supply FREE IT Security Assessments?

Managed IT Support HoustonSome people may wonder what their obligation is when they receive their Free IT Security Assessment. Do they have to go through high pressure sales meetings? Are there any hidden costs?

First of all, you will not have to worry about any of the above with the ICS Free IT Security Assessment. ICS believes the best way to earn someone’s trust is to demonstrate our expertise and provide a sample of what we can do for their business. The free sample we provide includes the expertise of our engineers along with the tools we have available to perform the job at an exceptional level. After all, what use is a carpenter without a hammer? To take that analogy a little further, what good does it do to have a hammer and not know what to do with it? To earn the trust and business of our desired consumers, ICS knows we must demonstrate both of these capabilities to their satisfaction.

What to Expect During Your Assessment?

 The software requires administrative rights so that we can execute it and perform our discovery. Additionally, we also need a list of all used Public Static IP addresses so we can scan for external threats.

First of all, ICS realizes that administration rights are a sensitive issue and should not be handed out blindly. ICS will request that you setup an Administrative account just for this purpose and disable it when we are done. Furthermore, many customers would like to meet ICS before they allow such a scan. ICS has IT Support in Houston, Austin and San Antonio and we are readily available for on-site visits and introductions before a scan is executed or we receive Administration credentials.

The scan only takes about 15 to 30 minutes. From there, ICS will review the results and prepare your reports. ICS will require an in person meeting to review the results. From there, you have the following options:

  • Take the reports and do nothing further


  • Utilize the reports and work with existing IT support to rectify issues.


  • Hire ICS to hep rectify any issues and continue with your current IT support team.


  • Hire ICS on a monthly basis to augment your current IT support to whatever extent is required.


  • If you do not have appropriate support, you may utilize ICS for our full Managed IT Support.

What is included in my FREE IT Security Assessment?

So, in your standard report you will receive the summary of issues with your network. Furthermore, you will actually receive two reports. The first report will be your Security Assessment summary. The second report is your Network Assessment summary. Both of these summaries are included below for your review. You will also find two links under “Example Reports” that are example assessments of both free reports.

After our assessment review, if you prefer to receive our FULL IT Security and Network reports, ICS will discuss applicable charges for that report. These reports go into the granularity of which specific device is causing the problem, network diagrams, etc… A typical full report is 250 to 550 pages.

In addition, customers that sign up for our Managed IT Support in Houston, Austin or San Antonio will receive these reports free of charge and on a semi-annual basis.   

What is included in Network Assessment?

Managed IT Support Houston Managed IT Support HoustonWhat is Included in IT Security Assessment?


Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Absolutely not! You will receive the below sample reports at absolutely no charge. If you sign up for ICS’s Managed IT Support in San Antonio, Austin or Houston then the charges for the full report are waived. Again, these assessments are to earn you trust and your business, not to trick someone into a fee.

Below are a few links you can click on to see sample reports of the free IT Security and Network Assessment reports.

Example Reports

Sample Report of Free Security Assessment

Sample Report of Free Network Assessment

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