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Broadpoint and Cellular One have completed an agreement to merge their services to provide offshore and onshore cellular coverage in Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico region.

Broadpoint is a provider of offshore business telecommunications, covering a 100,000 square mile GSM/EDGE network, while Cellular One provides data communications and GSM/EDGE nationally. This includes business phone systems for the Texas region with a potential to move into New Jersey, though that has not been confirmed through official sources.

“We are excited to be working with Broadpoint to provide a truly unique wireless voice and data solutions. Customers will now have the benefit of seamless coverage with Cellular One’s nationwide cellular service and 100,000 square miles of offshore service provided by Broadpoint,” said Jonathan Foxman, President and CEO of Cellular One.

Bryan Olivier, President and COO of Broadpoint said, “Together, we are making communications more convenient for our customers, eliminating the need for separate on and offshore communications providers.”

Broadpoint will be operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cellular One.

The merger will create a broad and reliable coverage for cellular customers through one mobile device, providing two-way radio, satellite and cellular communications as well as custom and emergency communication plans and individual cell service.

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