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IT support San AntonioCompanies are increasingly relying on IT support in the San Antonio area to increase efficiency and limit downtime. One of the top priorities for any company is the ability to minimize downtime and improve business continuity. Organizations that are considering implementing a business continuity plan will be able to bounce back from any disaster, whether it’s a cyber-attack, accidental deletion, or even a natural disaster. Here are a few things that you need to consider when implementing a business continuity plan.


One of the key steps of a successful business continuity plan is the ability to automate each aspect of the recovery plan. Relying on manually recovering from outages can be time-consuming and inefficient. For example, if you experience a hurricane within your area, individuals may be stranded at home and may not be able to access facilities to begin the recovery process. Depending on the severity of the storm, this can delay the process for days or even weeks. An automated process will help you avoid costly downtime and experience a much quicker recovery period.


Companies in need of IT support in San Antonio need to choose a managed service provider that routinely tests its business continuity plan. These plans are more likely to fail without adequate testing. Recent research has found that over 22% of companies fail to test their emergency plans or only do one test per year. As you can see, choosing a managed service provider that takes business continuity seriously with routine testing will provide you with much better service that you can rely on in the event of an emergency.

Avoid Overspending

Prioritizing the various business continuity functions will allow you to avoid overspending and help you pinpoint necessary features. For example, a small business will need fewer features than a large corporation that has hundreds of employees. Finding the right plan that works for you is a key step in maintaining your company’s workflow without experiencing costly amounts of downtime. Analyzing your company’s needs can help you avoid unnecessary features that may not be worth the cost to your business.

The use of a business continuity plan from an IT support provider in the San Antonio is a critical step in maintaining a business that can withstand life’s storms. ICS is a managed service provider that offers a variety of services for businesses of all sizes. Our staff is specially trained to answer any questions or concerns regarding a business continuity plan that is right for you. We have been in business for over 35 years, and we take pride in offering the best customer service available. Let us help you choose a business continuity plan that will enable you to avoid downtime and still reach clients in the event of a disaster. Contact us today and begin taking advantage of the latest technology through the use of ICS managed services.